A Time to Heal 
First Place in 'Best of J/C Fic 

First place in LTTY Unimatrix Zero 

   Snowballs and   Mistletoe
First in  Jennica J/C Christmas Wittiest 

Snowballs and Mistletoe 
First place in J/ C Seasonal 

 For Better or Worse 
First place in J/C Angst 

 First in Forever Love Character 

Honoring the Great and Solemn
Tradition of Soskito (Valentine)
First place in Kiss me Kate 

Sum of my Parts 
 First place in Koffee Klub PPP 

Red Velvet and Roses 
First Place in Hearts Ablaze 

Joining Forces
First place winner in the I am Maquis 

Candied Courage
First place winner in Jellybeans

By the Light of an Orange Moon
First place in Campfire 

Breaking Point
First place in  Koffee Klub PPP 

Last Dance for the Crew
First place in Big Goodbye

The Long and Short of It
First place in Hair

First place winner in J/C Drabble 

First place in Babyfic Drabble

First place winner in Daughter 
of the Empire Drabble

His Heart's Eye
First place in 60Second Neelix/Kes 

Mind Meld
First place in 60 Second Tuvok/T'Pell

Until death do...
Frist place in forever love angst

Innocent Eyes
First place in J/C sappy

Yesterdays Future
First place in mixed doubles other 

Through her Tears
First place in N/N

Face Off
First in Gun Drabble 

Innocent Eyes
First in Perspectives

Indiana Christmas
First in Voyager Christmas

I Wish You Enough
First in Big Goodbye

Indulging Kathryn
First in LTTY Omega 13

That time of the Month
First in white Coffee

Filling the Gap
First in Waves in the Ocean

Winner in PPP Table

Rightful Possession
Winner in PPP J/C Maquis

A Beach a Tent and ...
First in Beach 

Until Death do....
First Neelix Angst

Universal Order
First in Lyrically

I Wish You Enough
First in Romance Your Choice

Joining Forces
Frist in PC At First

Away Mission
First in  ex artris

First in ex astris console

Medicinal Purposes
First in PC Fight



Retruning Heros
Second place winner in Shattered 

Future Perfect
Second place winner in J/C au

The Dance
Second place winner in Dance

Honoring the Great and Solemn
Tradition of Soskito (Valentine)
Second place in J/C humor 


When all is Said and Done
Second place  in best of J/c

Second Place  in Ghost 

Acknowledging Kathryn
Second place in the Pink contest

Second place  in Touch of Romance

The Secret of the Serendipty
Second place  in Yacht

Beyond all Reason
Second place in over the hill 

Fair Catch
Second place in tanked 

Second place in Daughter of the Empire 

Second place 60 sec  EMH/7 

Dance with the Devil
Second place 60 sec other 

Borg a Que
Second place 60 sec  J/7 

Coming home
Second place Adult 

Runner up in PPP 

Too Close for comfort
Second in Transporter

Cold Reception
Second in Baby its Cold Outside

Enchanted Starship
Second in PADD

Brews and Brawls
Second in Ros a Gael

Life with Kathryn
Second place in Interrupted

Gift of Life
Second in Die Seven Die

Slightly less than Perfect
Second in the Fight

Making Daddy Proud
Second in Anniversary

Second in Triple Crown

Chankge in Command
Runner up in PPP Hammock

Waking Dreams
Runner up in PPP Bed

Balance of Power
Second in PC  In Short

Of Love and Leprechauns
Second in Green

Breaking Tradition
Second in Talent Night Chirstmas

Risedual Effects ..... (Lily)
Second in Talent Night Baby bounce



Until Death Do...
Third place winner in Voyagers Home

Not Always the Captain
Third place winner in Cream of Crop 

Lost and Alone
Third place in best of J/C

Of Love and Leprechauns
Third place winner in Ros a Gael

The Things we do for Love
Third place winner in  Coffee

 The Golden Whale
Third place in Bath time

Requiem for the Bunnies
Third in bunnies contest 

Strange Bedfellows
Third place in 60 seconds P/T 

Third in Letters

Universal Order
Third in LTTY flora and fauna

Snowballs and Mistletoe
Third in Syls Christmas

Beyond All Reason
Third in PC Birthday

Real Quiet
Third in Triple Crown

Third in Talent Night I Borg

I Wish You Enough 
Overall winner in Your choice

Aligning The Future
Third in Jigsawed

Filling the Gap
Third in Talent Night Wildcard

Empty Theories
Third in PC Conspiracy

Honorable MentionWINNERS


Futrue Perfect
HM in Best of J/C 

Cultural Shock
HM in Marshmellow contest

Hearts of Courage 
Fourth in Baby Mine

Mutual Consent
Fourth in With this Ring