D.A. Kent's stories

Going Home

(August 1999) PG-13

After seven years in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager finds a wormhole, manages to contact Starfleet Command, and returns to the Alpha Quadrant.  Now Janeway must stand alone, making demands of Starfleet on behalf of her crew. Will she lose whatever chance she may have had at personal happiness along the way?  (Note: Back in 1999 this was my opinion of what would happen when Voyager returned home from the Delta Quadrant. I still don't think it was a bad idea to end things this way! – DA Kent, January 2004.)
Tuvok's Blessing

(August 1999) PG-13

Janeway finds encouragement in pursuing her relationship with her First Officer from the one person she least expects it from - Tuvok.
Love Reawakened

(August 1999) PG-13

This story takes place immediately after the fifth season episode, "The Disease". (Some episode spoilers, but not many.) It is probably best, but not necessary, to have seen the episode before reading this.
Time Don't Run Out Of Me

(August 1999) NC-17 

Both the Captain and the Commander have had many fantasies about what making love with each other would be like. But, when they finally come together for the very first time, is it really what either of them have dreamed about? Or, are they both afraid that maybe it's too late for them now, after all. Maybe their time has run out, and it's too late to pick up the pieces of what might have been.
A Picture Of You On My Mind

(August 1999) NC-17

I suppose a lot of us J/C writers have that one J/P story inside us, that one episode on the holodeck where one major character catches another in a compromising position, a completely uninhibited love story that won't mean anything in the long run because it must forever be hidden away, with no one the wiser . . . 
A Temporary Solution

(September 1999) NC-17

This story takes place immediately after the two-part sixth season episode, "Equinox." This story was written two weeks prior to the 6th Season Premiere - and the second part of "Equinox" - so I didn't know how things would be "resolved" - but this is my idea of what should have happened immediately afterward, in the privacy of the Captain's Ready Room. 
Tidings Of Joy

(September 1999) PG-13

It's Christmas Eve, the sixth one spent in the Delta Quadrant. The captain attends Neelix's party in Holodeck One, but after only a few minutes she leaves and heads for some quiet time in the mess hall. Commander Chakotay joins her and they spend some time reminiscing about the past…and about New Earth. Is it too late for the captain to give in to old temptations and accept the second chance that Fate is handing her?
Slim Chance

(October 1999) NC-17

The captain and commander transport back to Voyager from an away mission and Captain Janeway suddenly feels faint. What could it be? When the Doctor tells her she's carrying her first officer's child, she tells him it's impossible – she hasn't had a physical relationship in a very long time, and she's never had one with her first officer! 
(For the sequel, "The Stubborn Hand of Fate," see below.)
Pathfinder scene ??

(November 1999) PG-13

This is the description of what happened between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay in the captain's Ready Room only minutes after Voyager made initial contact with Starfleet Command, during the episode "Pathfinder." 
Holiday Cheer

(December 1999) PG-13

Captain Janeway decides it's time to set some new parameters in her relationship with Chakotay.
Thirty Days For Tom

(January 2000) PG-13

When Captain Janeway strips Tom Paris of his rank and relegates him to 30 days in the Brig, he isn't the only one suffering. (NOTE: Takes place five years into Voyager's journey home from the Delta Quadrant, and just after the episode "Thirty Days." Contains spoilers for "Thirty Days" and a few spoilers for "Hunters.")
Fair Haven's Spirit Folk

(March 2000) PG-13

Chakotay decides to find out exactly how the captain feels about her holographic lover in the Fair Haven program. He prepares dinner for her in his quarters, but she leaves him with a great deal to think about! 
A Different Man

(August 2000) PG-13

Whatever happened to Inspector Kashyk after he left Voyager and allowed Captain Janeway to continue on with her journey home? (Note: I wrote this story as a submission to the Strange New Worlds IV contest, but it was not chosen for the book.) And, no, it certainly isn't necessary to like Kashyk. In fact, I don't much like him myself.
The Stubborn Hand Of Fate

(October 2000) NC-17

– a sequel to "Slim Chance" (see above.) 
Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay welcome their child into the world, and they both begin to adjust to this new baby, and to the new turns in their own relationship.
The End Of The Road

(December 2000) PG-13

Voyager is home. The crew has been debriefed and the ship is about to be retrofitted. The crew has been given one last evening to return to Voyager and gather personal belongings. Captain Janeway plans to spend a last night alone on Voyager, saying good-bye to the ship that took such good care of her crew for so long. But, is she the only one who plans to spend one last night aboard ship? And are she and Commander Chakotay actually going their separate ways?
The Journey Ahead

(January 2001) PG-13

Commander Chakotay has decided he cannot continue to love the Captain from afar. He will stay behind on an alien planet and help the natives battle their enemies instead of continuing the journey home with the Voyager crew. The Captain can make it home just fine without him, after all. But the Captain isn't so sure.
The Trouble With Mushrooms

(January 2001) NC-17

The Captain and Commander are on an Away Mission, scouting for foodstuffs to replenish Neelix's diminishing supply. They find plenty, but the mushrooms seem to have something wrong with them. Of course, they don't realize this until after they've eaten some of them. Now, they have to deal with the consequences during their night away from the ship, alone together in an empty cave. Whatever are they going to do?
Ten Minutes On The Bridge 
Drabble 1 - Janeway
Drabble 2 - Chakotay

(January 2001) PG

These are the thoughts of Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay as they sit beside each other on the Bridge. 
The Dinner Date

(March 2001) PG-13

Voyager has been home for a few days now, and Janeway begins to sort out her feelings for her now ex-First Officer.
A Gift From Q

(April 2001) PG-13

This is a "Q2" epilogue – the story that happens AFTER the episode ending we saw. Commander Chakotay enters the captain's Ready Room to find it inundated by roses, and the captain tells him they're from Q. He assumes they're from the father, not the son! 
Happily Ever After

(April 2001) PG-13

JetC8 put out a story challenge - to write a SHORT ending for Voyager. The only catch: NO C/7!!!!!!!!
The Captain's Birthday Surprise

(April 2001) PG-13

The crew decides to give the Captain a special birthday treat - a couple of hours off duty for breakfast, for herself and her First Officer. The morning ends up being very special for more than one reason!
The Way It Should Have Been

(May 2001) PG

Captain Janeway has a terrible nightmare - one that makes her extremely upset. She decides to confront her First Officer face-to-face, to see if what she saw in her dream is true.
The Way You Look Tonight

(July 2001) PG-13

When Chakotay and Tom Paris decide to play a game of pool in the holodeck, the Captain joins them unexpectedly, and Chakotay can't take his eyes off her all evening.
Endgame's End

(August 2001) NC-17

After the demise of Admiral Janeway and the Borg, Captain Janeway and the Voyager crew find themselves back in the Alpha Quadrant, and begin their journey back to Earth. But now that the Admiral has changed the course of Voyager's future, will the last-minute relationship between the First Officer and Seven of Nine continue into the new timeline?
Voyager Virtual Season 8
Episode 11: The Journey

(October 2001) PG-13

D.A. Kent is one of the authors of Voyager Virtual Season 8. This is the link to the episode she wrote.
An Alternative Reality

(March 2002) NC-17

Chakotay awakens to the sound of Kathryn's voice and realizes it's not a dream. What can this mean?
First Place in the Voyager Blue Alert Contest - Existing Stories Category.
Second Re-Quest

(April 2002) NC-17

Q once again asks Captain Janeway to mate with him - this time, however, it's not for procreation, but for recreation!
Second Place in the Voyager Blue Alert Contest - Other Pairings Category.
Twice In A Lifetime

(June 2002) NC-17

Commander Chakotay and Neelix take a shuttlecraft to an alien planet for foodstuffs, but Chakotay suddenly finds himself back on Planet Earth, face to face with a younger Kathryn Janeway, a cadet at Starfleet Academy. Is he dreaming or has he taken a giant step back in time?
First Place in the Voyager Blue Alert Contest - New Stories Category.
The Woman Inside

(December 2002) PG-13

It's almost Christmas time. Q decides to do something about the relationship between the captain and commander, so he shows up just long enough to help it along a bit.
Old Flames
Part 1
Part 2

(February 2003) NC-17

When Voyager comes upon a sedentary Federation vessel in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway is all too familiar with the ship and its captain. Can an old lover cause problems between Kathryn Janeway and her first officer? Or, will his presence serve to bring them together instead?
Due to length in 2 parts
Ghost Stories 

(March 2004) PG-13

When Captain Janeway undertakes a rescue mission on a very spiritual planet she encounters more than mere science can explain.
But Not Today

(July 2004) PG-13




Kathryn and Chakotay have a conversation but are either really listening?
Second Chances

(January 2005) NC- 17

The Ultimate Love Story - The story chronicles the timeless devotion of captain and first officer as they travel the delta quadrant determined to bring their crew home together. Leaving Kathryn and Chakotay to complete their life journey together.