YOU'RE THE CAPTAIN  Posted 2/14/00  Rated PG Paris and the Captain share some interesting quality time, while awaiting rescue.

NOT ALWAYS A CAPTAIN Posted 2/14/00 Rated G The Captain realizes she was once more-- once she was Kathryn third place in the cream of the crop contest

A TIME TO HEAL  Posted  2/17/00 Rated  PG13 When her away team is imprisoned, the Captain 'negotiates' their release. Once returned to Voyager they must all come to terms with her unorthodox methods.first  place winner in captain crystal's best of J/C

FAIRER HAVEN   Posted 2/19/00 Rated PG  The Captain and her first officer come to terms with her friendship with Michael

FEELING THE LIGHT Posted 2/20/00 Rated PG  After six years and much prodding by the Captain, Chakotay tries to move on.

CLEAR AS ICE  Posted 2/21/00 Rated PG  An away mission gone wrong, leaves the Command team in serious danger, while they await rescue.

LOST AND ALONE Posted 4/02/00 Rated PG  An away team vanishes and in spite of their best efforts to locate them, the Captain is forced to leave them behind. Third place winner  captain crystal's best of J/C

POINT COUNTERPOINT Posted 4/22/00 Rated G A little twist to Counterpoint'. What was Chakotay doing?

HEARTS OF COURAGE Posted 4/22/00 rated G  Another J/K/C story written as a sequel to Saffon's  'A Random Act of Kindness' fourth place in baby mine contest

LITTLE WHITE LIE Posted 4/26/00 Rated G  Honest is the best policy--especially for Vulcans--sometimes.!?

RETURNING HEROES Posted 5/02/00 Rated PG Voyagers sudden return to the alpha quadrant is not exactly what they expected.Second place winner in shattered nights general category

INNOCENT EYES  Posted 5/18/00 Rated G  The Command teams relationship as seen  through the eyes of the Captain's Assistant.FIRST PLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY FANFIC CONTEST-- SAPPY CATEGORYFirst place in love through the years perspective contest

FUTURE PERFECT Posted 5/26/00 Rated PG  The Captain and Ensign Tal  get caught in a temporal rift. SECOND PLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY FANFIC CONTEST - ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CATEGORY honerable mention in  Captain Crystal's Best of J/C

DISUNITYPosted 6/18/00 Rated PG  A look at how "Unity" would have effected the on going relationship between the Commander and the Captain.

'UNI'MATESPosted 8/05/00 Rated PG  Once again TPTB left all the good stuff out -- The missing pieces of  'Unimatrix Zero'First place winner in love through the years unimatrix zerocontest  third in talent night I borg

FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES  Posted 9/03/00 Rated PG  An away mission can be an eye opening experience for the senior staff.

SNOWBALLS AND MISTLETOE  Posted 9/19/00 Rated PG Chakotay gets a lesson in the magic of Christmas.  Voted Wittiest story in Jennica's Christmas contest 2000.FIRST PLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY FANFIC CONTEST - SEASONAL CATEGORYthird  in JC Christmas Story contest

FOR BETTER OF WORSE Posted 10/04/00 Rated PG  Chakotay asks the Captain to marry him, but it may not be how she imagined it.FIRSTPLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY FANFIC CONTEST - ANGST CATEGORY

UNTIL DEATH DO...  Posted 9/30/00 Rated PG   The Captain and the Commander vanish from Voyager and must struggle to survive while the crew fights to get them back.  Third place winner in ALM Voyages Home Fan Fiction contest.winner of Forever Love's Best Angst award

THE DANCE Posted 12/24/00 Rated PG  The Crew rescues the Captain, but find out it is more difficult to get Kathryn back/ Second Place winner in Voyager Central Dance contest.

FUTILE FANTASIES Posted 02/01/01 Rated PG  The Captain objects to Seven's exploration of  her Humanity.

RETROSPECTIONPosted 3/03/01 Rated PG  The Captain  re-evaluates her life after her experiences in  'Workforce'. Winner of FOREVER lOVE AWARD'S Best Character Portrayal

HONORING THE GREAT AND SOLEMN TRADITION OF SOSKITO (aka Valentine)  Posted 2/14/00 Rated PG  The Crew of Voyager have a strange reaction to a peculiar plasma cloud -  especially the Captain . winner of first place in the Kiss me Kate Valentine contest. SECOND PLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY  FANFIC CONTEST - FUNNY CATEGORY

OF LOVE AND LEPRECHAUNS Posted 3/17/00 Rated PG  An eventful saint Patrick's day in Fair Haven -  A little dancing, a little drinking and a little fairy magic.  third place winner in the Ros a Gael  St Patrick's Day contest

WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE Posted 5/20/01  Rated PG  Voyagers crew face an unexpected end to their journey. Second place  in Captain Crystals Best of J/C contest

PHANTASM Posted  6/11/01 rated PG  Kathryn is visited by helpful spirit-- Second place winner in the Ghosts of Voyager contest

SUM OF MY PARTS  Posted   8/10/01 Rated G  Kathryn reflects on who she is. first place winner in 'Who am I' categroy of KoffeeKlup PPP  contest

WISHES, DREAMS AND STARLIGHT   Posted 8/10/01 Rated G  three little changes in the lives of voyagers comand team

CUTURAL SHOCK    Posted 10/13/01 (actually ages ago on the KoffeeKlub site) challange story --the Captain and Commander must help Neelix with a cutural misunderstanding. honorable mention in simple math marshallow contest

ACKNOWLEDGING KATHRYN  POSTED  12/15/01 Rated G A sucessful away mission causes the Captain to make changes in Kathryn's life.  Entered in  Simple math's  'Pink'  contest   second place winner in the simple math pink contest

RED VELVET AND ROSES  POSTED 1/18/02  Rated G   just a little valentine romance first place in  th e hearts a blase valentine contest.

THE THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE  POSTED  4/01/02  Rated G   the captain and the doctor make a little deal.  third place winner in  the  coffee contest

SCUTTLEBUTT  POSTED  4/09/02 RATED PG  rumors abound on a starship, even the Captain can fall prey.  second place in the  touch of romance contest

JOINING FORCES   POSTED  5/06/02  RATED PG A Slightly different view of how the two crews came to work together  first placd in the  I Am Maquis contest

BY THE LIGHT OF AN ORANGE MOON  POSTED 5/16/02 RATED PG  On another shore leave gone wrong, Tom B'Elanna and Harry stumble across the command team. first place winner in  the campfire conterst

ON THE LINE POSTED  6/14/02 RATED PG One surprise leads to another

CANDIED COURAGE   POSTED 6/24/02 RATED PG A C/T friendship story.  Chakotay and B'Elanna have a little chat in a jeffries tube. first place winner CraTers jellybean contest

REMEMBER THE LAUGHTER  POSTED  6/28/02 RATED PG   episode addition to endgame

WHERE MY HEART LEADS    POSTED RATED PG  7/01/02   Chakotay  considers his past and contemplates his future .

SECRET OF THE SERENDIPITY   POSTED 7/18/02 RATED PG The  Captain has a secret no one else knows-- or do they?  second place in astrogirls captains yacht contest

THE GOLDEN WHALE  POSTED 8/03/02 RATED PG A little  relaxation on the holo deck  can be fun and enlightning third place in the bath contest

CAPTAMAMAPOSTED 8/11/02 RATED PG  A miscommunication causes the  command team  to  misplace  a crewmember. runner up in Koffeeklub PPP contest - Vger

MIXED IMPRESSIONS  POSTED 8/11/02 RATED PG  Kathryn  hopes to spend a weekend alone with Chakotay, but he had other ideas   entered in We're having a heat waves contest

BREAKING POINT  POSTED  8/11/02 RATED PG  Voyager has finally made it home .  At the height of the excitement the Captain reaches her breaking point.   first place winner in koffeeklub PPP contest - spice

BEYOND ALL REASON   POSTED  8/17/02  RATED PG  For Chakotay turning fifty means more than just being a year older. second place winner in over the hill  third in pc birthday contest

YESTERDAY'S FUTURE   POSTED  8/30/02  RATED PG  A young couple faces big trouble and the Captain offers insight into her own life to help them out.  first place in anne rose's mixed doubles

LAST DANCE - For the Crew  Posted 9/9/02  Rated PG voyager is home and the crew is free, but chakotay finds little to celebrate at the offical party. first place winner in big goodbye contestentered in post endgame contest

 Fair Catch     Posted 9/9/02  Rated PG  Another voyager party and the ladies have a bit of fun until the Captain takes home the prize second place winner in tanked contest

The Long andShort of It.   Posted 9/22/02  Rated PG  Another shuttle crash (hey Chakotay wasn't driving!) and a seriously injured Captain somehow comes down to a matter of hair.  First place winner in Lover through the Years Hair contest.

REQUIEM FOR THE BUNNIES  Posted 9/22/02  Rated PG  A miss understanding  sends Neelix on a crusade to save the bunnies. third place winner in snuggle bunny

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT  Posted 9/24/02  Rated PG  A malfunction in the transporter leaves the Captain and Seven in close quarters. second place in astrogirls  transporter trouble

COLD RECEPTION   posted  10/24/02 Rated PG  A trade mission goes bad leaving the captain and her security detail in the cold.  second in the baby its cold outside contest

UNIVERSAL ORDER     po sted   11/04/02  Rated PG  Life is not always a bed of roses for our favorite  command couple    third in LTTY flora  first in PC Lyracally

SOMEDAYposted  11/08/02   Rated PG  Two letters from home  trigger memories of past and hopes for the future. third  place in the Letters from home contest

INDIANA CHRISTMAS  Posted 11/30/02 Rated PG   My favorite command couple get to spend an unusual Christmas in Indiana. First place in the Talent nights Voyager Christmas contest

ALL HIS YESTERDAYS   Posted 12/01/02 Rated G  Kathryn remembers as she  prepares for chakoty's wedding.

I WISH YOU ENOUGH Posted 12/10/02  Rated PG 13  (NC 17 version here) Things change at the end of their journey and home just isnt what Kathryn had expected. first place in captain crystals big goodbye

How to Embarrass Your Captain   Posted 12/20/02 Rated PG A response to Sally's challenge to write a JC fic about THAT photo- you know the one and if you donít itís here.

J IS FOR JEALOUSY  Posted 12/22/02  Rated G Kathryn is jealous of the new woman in Chakotay's life

White Velvet Dress   Posted 12/24/02  Rated G  Christmas, a wedding and a fatal decision

CUPID'S CALL  Posted  1/05/03  Rated G  Valentines Day brings some changes to Voyager. Second place in Captain Crystals BE MINE Contest

LOVE BEYOND LUST   Posted  1/12/03 Rated PG13  My sequel to Dakota' Whimper  which is a sequil to  my J/C  J/K counterpoint  story Between love and lust

ENCHANTED STARSHIP   Posted  1/14/03  Rated G  Morale is down and Neelil and Naomi have a solution Second plade in astrogirs Padd contest

LIFE WITH KATHRYN    Posted 2/01/03  Rated PG After all the crews efforts to bring them together, every time they actually try they get interrupted.  second place in shattered nights interrupted contest.

DON'T LOOK BACK   Posted 2/23/03  Rated R  Finally the Captain's relationship with her First Officer takes a more interesting twist.

INDULGING KATHRYN   Posted 3/10/03  Rated PG  Chakotay choosed a moment from their past to enhance their future.  First Place in ltty omega 13

BREWS BRAVADO AND BRAWLS   Posted  3/19/03  Rated PG  A  less than perfect  Saint Patricks Day celebration  remembered-- fondly?  second  in Ros a Gael

THAT TIME OF THE MONTH  Posted  3/25/03 Rated PG  no one wants to face  the captain at 'that time of the month' First place  in coffee contest

FILLING THE GAP     posted 5/01/03 Rated PG13After recovering from her ill-fated alliance with the borg, the Captain needs to fill the gaps in her life.    First place  in waves in the ocean

THE GIFT OF LIFE    Posted  5/03/03  Rated PG13  Failed relationship are often only a new beginning. entered in LTTY die seven die

Slightly Less than Perfect   Posted 5/11/03  Rated PG13  Everyone is glad to have come out of chaotic space but not everyone is happy with the Captain's methods Second Place in the Fight contest

By Mutual Consent      Posted  6/10/03 The Captain sends her First Officer on a trade mission and he winds up with another blonde. What a Captain won't do for her crew! Fourth place inwith this ring

Making Daddy Proud  Posted 6/20/03 Rated PG13  After their return to the Alpha Quadrant the crew suffers anothe loss. Second place in anniversary contest

Balance of Power  Rated PG13  posted 7/24/03  A demanding life forces the command team to maintain an unique balance of between  their personal and professional lives entered in PC short contest

Affirmed Rated R Posted 7/24/03  After their successful return to the Alph Quadrant the crew celebrates and make a few final adjustments/ second place in tripple crown

WaitingRated PG  Posted  8/15/03 Voyager is home and Chakotay chooses a quiet life.  winner in ppp table

Change in Command  Rated PG  Posted 8/15/03 Another after they are home story.  Kathryn step away from her crew and her life on voyager.  runner up in ppp hammock

Waking Dreams Rated G  Posted 8/15/03  Just a drabble  about waking up runne up in ppp bed

Rightful Possession  Rated PG13  posted 8/15/03  The time has come for  rightful ownership to be acknowledged. winer in ppp J/c maquis

silent Promises  Rated PG  Posted 8/15/03 sometimes communication doesnt require words

Entwined Destiny  Rated PG  Postted 8/15/03  A sad ending or maybe the beginning

Empty Theories    Rated PG  Posted  1/01/04  Just a little scene that should have been part of Voyager Conspiracy third in  PC conspiracy

 Breaking Tradidion   Rated PG  Posted 1/01/04 Kathryn carries on a sad tradition even after Voyager returns home. Maybe its time to break with tradition?   second in talent night christmas

Residual Effects of Infatuation, Fascination and very Human Behavior (Lily's Legacy)
Rated  PG13  Posted  2/01/04  Marooned on a war torn planet the Captain finds love .second in talent night baby bounce

Away Mission    Rated PC13 Posted  2/01/04  What does the crew do when trapped for days in a small shuttle-- well  this group do what all women do -- they talk about men! First place  in on the road

Defying Natures Alignment  Rated PG 13 The captain makes an unexpected discovery  and comes to understand that there is more to this life than science can define. first place in LTTYsecrets and lies

Medicinal Purposes  Rated PG13  Kathryn and Chakotay have a misunderstanding about her current course of therapy .  First in PC Fight

The Best Laid Plans  Rated PG  A sudden  bad turn on an away mission delay Chakotay's plans for a romantic evening

Whispers    Rated PG13  A friendly argument , a case of laryngitis  and the rumors fly!  first place in only theri console knew

His Eyes  Rated PG  Their journey coming to an end, the Captain has only one more question before she can move on with her new life.

Open to Interpretation  Rated PG13  First contacts, cutural differences and slight malfunctions --not every shore leave is perfect.

Perfection Rated PG Like beauty Perfection is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.

A Visit from Q  Rated PG  posted 7/04/05  a light story written a few years ago for a challeng and only posted today !




TOUCH                                                      PARADISE



New Drabbles: These two drabbles are not J/C they were written for the Daughter of the Empire contests and are (duh) B'Elanna Drabbles

Dawning                               Enigma



MORE DRABBLES These were written for a JC1 season challenge


HAYRIDE                       SPRING FEVER

 Triple Crown Drabbles  Posted  7/24/03

Real quiet                                    Unbridled
third place in Triple Crown

Survivor                                                       Riley