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                                                    RATED NC17

ANOTHER WEDDING  Posted 2/14/00  The crew of Voyager  starts to pair off, at a rapid rate.  The Captain and the Commander plan yet another crew wedding. FIRST  PLACE WINNER IN THE JANEWAYCHAKOTAY FANFIC CONTEST - ADULT CATEGORY

ON THE EDGE  Posted 2/25/00  Something terrible happens to the Captain -- Could her best friend be responsible?

SEND HIM HOME Posted 3/11/00 After his capture by aliens returning from an away mission, the Commander suffers a memory loss.Fifth place winner in the bath contest

PULLING BACK  Posted 4/01/00 Sequel to On the Edge.  The Command team struggles to recover.

OUT OF DARKNESS   Posted between 2/27/00 and 3/11/00 Changes in the command team's
    relationship are tested and threatened by a shore leave gone bad.first place in batleth helpless maiden contest

        PART ONE           PART  TWO          PART  THREE           PART  FOUR         PART  FIVE

THE WHOLE WORLD Posted 3/19/00  The relationship between the Captain and her First Officer has changed, but the crew has been kept in the dark

DESTINY  Posted 3/23/00  Life altering news causes the Captain to reevaluate her position and consider changes for her future.

DESTINY TOO  Posted 3/30/00  The Captain'snew life, begun in Desiny, unfolds bringing changes to the crew of Voyager.

DESTINY 3/ FULFILLMENT  Posted 8/20/00  Life has changed but the adventure continues
Destiny won the best series award in the Forever Love Contest

SHORE LEAVE  Posted 4/15/00  Alien attacks and two weeks of hell on board Voyager, keep the command team from consummating their relationship.  Once the ship is restored and the crew mended, the command team takes a well deserved shore leave and get a little more than they bargined for.  Shore Leave won second place in the first Blue Alert  NC17 contest.

            PART ONE                                                                      PART  TWO

EVERLASTING  Posted 5/07/00  Set many years after Voyager's return, the command couple have a meeting with their granddaughter.   Everlasting won Voyager Central's story award in December and Best future in the Forever Love contest

IN THE LINE OF DUTY  Posted 5/14/00   The Captain and the Commander  deal with Tuvok's Pon Farr.

'Q'URIOUS  Posted 6/22/00  Q has a problem and he turns to Kathy for help - as usual  his timing is a bit off.  second place in fancy meeting Q here

 YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN  Posted 7/03/00 Voyager suddenly returns home, but it isn't all they expected it to be.  'You Can't go Home Again' took first place in the purple comet fiction contest
            PART ONE                                            PART  TWO

FULL CIRCLE  Posted  8/01/00 Sequel to 'You can't go home again' Kathryn must fullfill her obligations before they can begin a new life.

            PART ONE                                            PART TWO

BEST FORGOTTEN Posted 7/05/00 The captain and the Commander's relationship moves forward just before  Kellin arrives on Voyager.  First place wimmer in the purple comet contest.second place in batleth episode

SLIPPING AWAY  Posted  8/19/00  She's pushed him away for so long, now she's losing her best friend.
(come on -- just another shameless excuse to bring them together) second in batleth stranded

THE PRESENT  Posted 9/29/00  The sequel to 'Snowballs and Mistletoe' Chakotay gets to unwrap his present.

TORRID ZONE  Posted 10/09/00 Attacked by aliens, the ship's systems are failing, environmental controls are off line and the crew is dealing with repairs, excessive heat and repeated alien attacks- and having a little fun.  Torrid Zone  won second place in the  second Blue Alert contest   forth place winner in the bath contest.

ALWAYS AND THE END OF FOREVER  Posted 10/20/00 A 'Resolutins' story, based on the angry warriorspeech  and the kiss purported to have been cut from the original scrip.    First place winner in the Purple cComet  first in batleth New Earth

TUB TOY  Posted 10/23/00 A story inspired by a picture of a tub toy I received. Written together with DAKOTA  ( mostly by Dakota) It's  just a little fun in the tub.  Forth place winner in the bath contest

BREADTH OF LOVE  Posted 11/26/00  The Captain contracts an alien disease the EMH has no cure for and her budding relationship with her first officer is put to the test. Breadth of Love won first place in the Purple Comet contest.

IN THE CAPTAIN'S SERVICE  Posted  12/30/00 A lift story -- plot -- what plot -- well maybe a little plotting , but no plot.first in batleth turbolift contest

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED  Posted 1/14/01 An AU in which Captain Janeway captures the Maquis and they remain in the alpha quadrant, but circumstances force them to ban together and form one crew. third in batleth AU

JOURNEY'S END  Posted 3/29/01  Events leading up to and surrounding Voyagers sudden return to the alpha quadrant.  Journey won first place in the Blue Alert new story contest.

HM in the bath contest

CHAKOTAIL Kathryn has plans for Chakotay at the Easter party, now all she has to do is convince him.

POWERFUL WEAPONS    Posted  11/23/01Voyager encounters a alien virus  and strange things start happening.  The Captain must use all her available weapons to fight them. First over all in Janeway's got a gun contest

TO THE VICTOR BELONG THE SPOILSPosted  12/29/01  Each trade mission provides its own challenges.  The command team must meet them all head on.  Second place in the existing category at Blue Alert

FIRST STEPS       Posted 1/18/02    Episode addition to addition to Parallax. An entire  journey is guided by the first steps.  In this story the Captain takes a few steps to her left. first place winner in love through the years parallax contest

THE WISDOM OF HER YEARS  Posted 4/23/02   Au addition to End Game. The Captain could learn a few things from this Admiral,  First  place NC17  in  the Ripples in the pond AU constest.First place winner in shattered nights NC category

TWISTING THE RULES  Posted  5/21/02  When the senior staff takes to playing party games the captain makes up her own rules   second place winner Party games contest

UNLIKELY ALLIES  Posted 5/27/02  The comand team has met before under very difficult circumstances, but only one of them remembers.  second in the love through the years  Haven't we met before? contest

PARIS HONEYMOON Posted 6/24/02  Kathryn and Chakotay's honeymoon is interrupted by a trip to the holodeck

PAINT DE'FEET Posted 8/03/02  The Commander know that losing isn't always a bad thing. fifth place winner in the bath contest

BEYOND THE LIQUID RAINBOWPosted  8/11/02  A beautiful shore leave turns deadly causing the Captain to reassess her decisions.  first place winner in KoffeeKlub PPP contest - waterfall.

OFFENDING THE GODS  Posted 8/11/02  A shore leave on a strictly regulated planet causes the Captain to test the fates.  first place winner in KoffeeKlub PPP contest - lightning

A PASSION FOR GRAPES Posted 8/11/02   Chakotay takes Kathryn on an search for wine on the holodeck
runner up in the Koffeeklub PPP contest - wine

PLATINUM  PROMISES  and WOODEN DREAMS    Posted 8/26/02  A Resolutions story with the correct twist.
First place winner in Queens of Smut contest.

REVEILLE             Posted  8/20/02  A Killing game story.  Captain  Miller is being chased by  Germans and finds himself rescued by an attractive Maquis.  second place in Voyager Talents Shows Maquis contest

GOLDEN MEMORIES  Posted 9/09/02  A Post Resolutions story.  The Captain's withdrawal has far reaching effects.  First place in The Talaxian Tomatoe contest

HER MAJESTY'S SERVICEPosted  9/28/02  A little fun with the Captain Proton program. first Place in the Purple Comet Black and White contest

ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFEPosted  10/04/02  Chakotay learns of a future that will never happen from the Woman who came to change it.  Fourth in the Remember Chakotay contest Third in VBA

TURNABOUT    Posted 10/29/03  Tom's Halloween prank come's back to haunt him.  first place in the monster mash contest

THE MAN HE USED TO BE  Posted 11/30/02  This story supposes that Chakotay was attacked by the Ba’Neth in Riddles instead of Tuvok.   First palce in Purple Comet Role Reversal

DREAMING  Posted 12/01/02   Early in their journey the Captain and the Commander go on an away mission that may change their entire journey.

I WISH YOU ENOUGH  Posted 12/10/02  Things change at the end of their journey and home just isnt what Kathryn had expected.  the PG version of this story is entered in captain crystals big goodbye

CABIN FEVER  Posted 12/10/02  When the ship and the crew could use a break from space and even the Captain admits to a little 'cabin fever', Voyager sets down for some repairs, relaxation and recreation  HM in VBA

HEROES AND DEMONS     Posted 01/03/03  When a young crewmen makes a mistake on shore leave the Captain pays the price.  entered in LTTY Crossover contest.

BETWEEN LUST AND LOVE   Posted 1/04/03  The challenge of crossing Devore Space places the Captain in an uncomfortable position   J/C and J/K  entered in Second place in Behind Closed Doors

THE LONG WAY HOME   Posted  1/22/03  A little twist on Repressions munity.  entered in LTTY Repression contest

CHECKMATE   Posted  1/29/03  Just a little fun at Naomi's party (and before and after)  a sequel of sorts to Enchanted Starshipentered in Purple comets Checkmate contest

FAMILY REUNION     Posted  2/12/03 Returning home has a few surprises but one year later they can finally celebrate   foutrh place in the AQ+1 contest at voyager talent night

INTERLUDE      Posted  2/12/03  A Drabbel written for an NC valentine challenge on the shared quarters list1

COFFEE BY ANY OTHER NAME IS NOT QUITE THE SAME   Posted  3/25/03  The Captain finds a new blend of coffee with an interesting twist.  First place  in coffee contest

WEIRD IS PART OF THE JOB   Posted 5/01/03  When Admiral Janeway goes back to the Delta Quadrant, she has more then Voyager's return home on her mind   First place in waves in the ocean

FRUIT OF THE VINE  Posted 8/15/03  After Voyagers return and the debriefing are over  Kathryn takes leave and doesnt return until Chakotay is forced to go and find her. Winner in ppp door

A BEACH A TENT AND ...  Posted 10/01/03  Just a little shore leave designed for two-- er four-- ummm six  First place in Beach blanket bingo/

AUDIENCE WITH THE QUEEN  Posted  11/06/03  Admiral Janeway and Captain Kim return to the Delta Quadrant to correct the mistakes of the past. Second place winner in blue alert

ROOT OF ALL HAPPINESS Posted  11/06/03  Sometimes the success of a trade mission is measured in quality and not quantity of the supplies gained First place winner in blue alert

EACH NEW SUNRISE Posted  4/29/04  A Resolutions fic.  Chaktoay and Kathryn have to learn to handle each new day as it comes.  Second place in Purple comet Resoultions 2

IF IT IS MEANT TO BE...Posted  1/09/05  Written for VAMB  Secret Santa   A post Endgame story. Captain Janeway has brought her ship home and when the dust settles Kathryn is no happier for her triumph. Her efforts to rectify this just might come too late  First place in Blue Alert Existing

WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS Posted  8/08/05  A successful trade mission and a playful captain make for an interesting time. What happens when the music stops? First Place in Blue Alert  New