They held a shower for Naomi, which was really just a girl's party.  They had no need for big gifts on Voyager, everyone had what they needed, so the bride received small personal items and of course somethings that were supposed to make her blush.  Naomi had lived with these people all her life, there wasn't much they could do to embarrass her.  They gave their best anyway. 

     Most of the female members of the crew attended--the guys manned the ship, awaiting their turn later in the evening.  A small group remained after the shower, while the others relieved the men.  they had been recounting different events in Naomi's life and Marla's account of her first meeting with Naomi brought them to her original posting as 'Captain's Assistant' at the ripe old age of four 


     Voyager had responded to the distress call sent out by the USS Equinox.  The Captain ordered their shields extended to protect the Equinox  and her crew from the attacking aliens.  The crew--or what remained of it--was brought aboard Voyager.   After treating their injuries, the crew were assigned quarters and enjoyed the simple luxuries they had missed over the last few years--clean uniforms, sonic showers, full meals, replicators and most of all security.  They were paired off with officers from Voyager to begin salvage and repair operations.  Ensign Marla Gilmore had been assigned to work with Commander Chakotay and was enjoying lunch with him and Harry Kim in the mess hall, when Naomi came in. 

"Excuse me." 

"Oh, hello there."  Marla turned, surprised to see a child on the ship. 

"Commander, permission to interrupt." 

"Granted."  Chakotay smiled and nodded. 

"Ensign Gilmore."  Naomi directed her attention to the newcomer. 

"That's right" 

"Naomi Wildman."  She extended her hand and Marla shook it.  "Captain's Assistant." 

"Is that so?" 

"I want to officially welcome you aboard the Starship Voyager." 

"I'm glad to be here." 

"If you need anything---replicator rations, a tour of the lower decks ---I'm your man." 

"Thank you, Miss Wildman---I'll keep that in mind." 

"As you were."  Naomi nodded to them and mission accomplished, she left the mess hall. 


"Of course I had no way of knowing it was an official appointment."  Marla commented. 

"Absolutely and Naomi was not only the first official Captain's Assistant, but the youngest  crewman ever to serve on a Starship ---it's all in the logs."  Kathryn smiled at the memory. 

"I thought She might out rank me."  Sam laughed. 

"Well her intention, as I remember it, was to work her way up to Captain."  Kathryn turned to Naomi.  "Still want to be a Captain?" 

"Maybe---But I..."  Naomi tried to word her response carefully. "I have other things I want also--Just have to work it out." 

"Most Captains are not on duty for twenty-five years straight ---you can work a family and a Captaincy---if you decide to."  Kathryn knew all too well what concerned her.  "As a four year old 'Captain's Assistant' you didn't have such worries." 


     Naomi wanted to be part of the crew, she wanted to contribute and she studied and worked hard toward that end.  She decided the position she aspired to was Captain, but she was willing to work her way up to that-starting as the Captain's assistant.  She ran errands, delivered reports, brought coffee and pretty much anything her age and size would allow.  She treated her responsibilities seriously and in turn was treated seriously by the crew.  The Captain decided to make her position official and arranged a ceremony to officially recognize her appointment. 

     The senior staff, along with her mother and selected other crewmen received special invitations to the ceremony, which was held in the briefing room and broadcast throughout the ship.  The atmosphere was very formal, everyone wore dress uniforms and Naomi had a special outfit replicated for just this occasion.  A small  platform was placed just under the viewport, and the captain and Commander Chakotay stood on either side of Naomi. 

"As Captain, I am responsible for the running of this ship and the actions of it's crew.  It is my duty to oversee all aspects of our voyage and to recognize and acknowledge the hard work of every member of this crew.  Today we have gathered for just such a happy occasion.  We have had traveling with us a passenger, who in spite of her young age, has worked very hard to earn her place on our crew and today it is my honor to recognize that hard work." As the Captain turned toward Naomi, the Commander handed her a tiny gold bar.  "Naomi Wildman, it is my privilege to award you this gold bar as a symbol of your official status as Captain's Assistant of the Starship Voyager."  She fastened the bar to Naomi's collar.  "Congratulations, Assistant Wildman and welcome to the crew." 

"Thank you, Captain."  A beaming Naomi shook both the Captain's and the Commander's hands and then saluted them both. 

     They returned her salute and the room broke into applause.  The comm link was reversed, so that Naomi was able to hear the reactions of all the crew.  The Captain moved aside allowing the guests to congratulate their newest crewmate. 


"I was so incredibly proud."  Naomi laughed.  "I really thought I was something." 

"You were ---it wasn't long after that you were instrumental in saving the ship."  Kathryn looked at Marla and Mezoti.  "It was before you two came aboard --We thought we had a way home-- we were very wrong, and if it hadn't been for her we might never have made it." 

"I did have  a little help."  She turned to Seven.  "We always were a good team." 

"Yes, an efficient combination." 


     They had been on an away mission, Naomi's first away mission.  Tom Paris, Seven of Nine and Naomi Wildman, now there was an away team for the books.  They went in search of deuterium, which they didn't find.   Naomi was disappointed that she had gotten to do nothing on her first away mission, but Seven pointed out that she had learned about away missions and the delta flyer--she was not satisfied.  In an effort to rectify the situation, Tom gave Naomi control of the flyer --her first flying lesson. 

     The mission ran longer than expected and by the time they returned Naomi was sleeping and the rest of Voyager should have been too.  However, when Seven returned to astrometrics she found it a hive of activity.  The Captain, Commander Chakotay, Tuvok and Harry Kim were all busy charting and analyzing a wormhole they had displayed on the screen-- a wormhole  that Seven had not detected on long range sensors prior to her departure.   Seven suspected something very wrong with this, but found herself unable to convince and elated Captain and equally buoyant Commander,  even Tuvok refused to listen to her logic.  Seven was not prone to panic, but she could feel it swell as she searched for ways to convince them. 

     Seven knew something was wrong--something was effecting the crew, but she couldn't pinpoint it and even if she could they wouldn't believe her.  She accessed the Captain's logs and could see by the progression of the entries, that what ever it was was effecting the Captain's judgment.  With the alien influence closing in around her, Seven found her only ally hiding in the cargo bay when she returned.  It seemed only she, the doctor and Naomi Wildman were unaffected by this alien. 

     Seven entered cargo bay two, it was usually quiet in here so the faint noise attracted her attention.  Seven looked around and discovered the intruder, hiding behind  the large cargo containers. 

"Naomi Wildman Your presence here is unauthorized, state your intentions" 

"I'm hiding"  She stood up behind the containers. 

"From whom?" 

"Everyone----they're all acting strange--even Mom." 


"She keeps smiling all the time----talking about Earth, like it's the greatest place in the universe." 

"You do not share your mother's desire to return to earth?" 

"Voyager is my home."  Naomi shook her head.  "If we go to earth--I'll have to leave the ship----I'll miss my room, Neelix, you and I wouldn't be able to play katis kot anymore." 

"Curious---you and I appear to be the only ones not effected." 

"Effected by what?" 

"I'm not certain."  Seven walked toward the door.  "Stay here, until I return." 

     Seven went to investigate just what was causing this strange reaction form the crew.   What ever this influence was it was growing stronger and it knew it's enemies.  The doctor had been deactivated and now the Commander was determined to put Seven in stasis.  He and a security team met her at the lift and escorted her back to the cargo bay.  Seven erected a force field to keep the Commander and the security team at bay and with Naomi's help was able to transport to engineering. 

"Security alert."  Chakotay slapped his comm badge, as the force field went up. 

"Naomi Wildman"  Seven signaled her to come forward. 

"Security is on their way, Chakotay." The Captain's voice came over the comm.  "What's happened?" 

"Seven has trapped us behind some kind of borg force field." 

"Try to disable it."  The Captain ordered Harry and he nodded. 

"Naomi, go back to your quarters."  Chakotay addressed the child and she looked up at him, but didn't move. 

"Pay attention to me."  Seven admonished the girl.  "If this indicator begins to flash, enter the following series of commands."  Seven entered the command sequence.  "Watch carefully."  She showed her again. 

"Naomi."  Chakotay called across the room and Naomi glance at him. 

"Do you understand?"  Seven questioned. 

"Yes."  Naomi looked back in her direction and Seven crossed to the weapons locker leaving Naomi at the console. 

"Naomi, I'm giving you a direct order.  Step away from the console." 

     Naomi looked up at the Commander silently, then the console started to beep and flash. She glance at him again, then entered the commands. 

"She's blocking my commands."  Harry reported to the Captain. 

"Keep trying." 

"Computer, lock on to my coordinates and initiate a site to site transport---main engineering."  Seven commanded, then disappeared in the blue glow of the transporter. 

         Her victory was short lived however, when the Captain sent and EM surge through the console rendering Seven unconscious and returning navigational control to the bridge.  Voyager entered the "Wormhole"  and the crew was rendered unconscious---all but Naomi, over whom the alien had no power. 

     Naomi found Seven in engineering and together they climbed over unconscious crew on their way to astrometrics.  Once there, they established contact with an alien vessel and learned the true nature of their problem.  They discovered they along with Voyager were trapped inside a large life form that was intent on consuming them.  The life form had manipulated the neuro patterns of the crew and in effect had shown them each exactly what they wanted to see in  it's effort to lure them in--only Seven  and Naomi had not shared the crews desire to return to earth so they were not effected. 

      Working in conjunction with the Doctor and the alien, Seven and Naomi were able to execute a plan to make Voyager "taste bad" and  therefore cause the Creature to "spit it out".  Once both ships were  expelled the alien resumed his pursuit of the creature and Voyager resumed her voyage home. 

"Naomi Wildman"    After regeneration, Seven had returned to astrometrics to find Naomi studying a projection of earth on the viewscreen. 

"Don't worry --my presence here is authorized." 

"By Whom?" 

"Mom--she thinks I need to learn more about earth."  Naomi continued to manipulate and study the planet on the screen. 

"I see-- and does studying this image increase your desire to go there?" 

"Not really."  Naomi shrugged. 

"I concur---it is unremarkable." 

"But my mom likes it and even Neelix can't wait to get there -----so I guess it can't be that bad." 

"Given this crews determination to return home.  I have no doubt we will see it for ourselves some day." 
     They smile, an expression of shared experience and promise, and continued to study the image on the screen. 


"Well, Seven as usual you were right --in a few days we will see it for ourselves." 

"Yes we will and I must say I'm less apprehensive about it--but not any more enthusiastic." 

"We will all miss Voyager."  Kathryn smiled at Seven.  "Funny how that worked out--I was so intent on wanting you to look forward to our return and instead I became more apprehensive." 

"Aunt Kathryn--Don't you want to go home?"  Naomi was nothing short of shocked at Kathryn's admission. 

"Yes--of course--It's what we worked for all these years----I'm just not sure it's home any more---Voyager is our home--this is our family and I will miss you all." 

"Boy--- no wonder I'm scared."  Naomi plopped down in the chair next to her mother.  "If she isn't sure----WOW." 

"We're all a little---scared-I guess is as good a word as any."  Kathryn shrugged.  "It won't be easy for any of us to fit in any more---I'm not the young eager Captain who left DS9 twenty five years ago." 

"None of us are what we were then."  Sam shook her head.  "Naomi wasn't anything--at least I didn't know she was.   I'm certainly light years different and hell B'Elanna you don't come off much like a Maquis rebel these days." 

"No --I hardly even bite anyone anymore." 

"You will all adapt."  Seven used the straightest borg voice she could muster, causing every to laugh. 

"Yes, we will but will Starfleet?"  Kathryn rolled her eyes. 

"I have faith in you Aunt Kathryn---you will have them eating out of your hand in no time." 


"Look how fast you brought Uncle Chakotay and his band of rebels in line." 

"I'm not sure I have HIM in line yet."  She shook her head. 

"Please--the man's been whipped since you showed up in the delta quadrant----trust me I know."  B'Elanna laughed. 

"Well maybe....but that had little to do with Starfleet or being a  Captain." 

"True-- but speaking of Starfleet-- isn't Will Ryker one of the Admirals you'll be dealing with?" 

"And what do you know about Wil... Admiral Ryker?"  Kathryn raised an eyebrow at B'Elanna. 

"You forget--you are married to my best friend--you have no secrets from me." 

"Dear god---I hope I have a few!  But there is no secret about Will." 

"Will-- see guys--first it was Admiral Ryker--now Will." 

"I never said I didn't know him.   I know a lot of people, at least I did before we left." 

"Yea but they don't all look like Will Ryker--- is he still drop dead gorgeous?"  Sam moved in closer. 

"Sam!  I didn't know you knew him." 

"I didn't--but everyone knew of him--older, dark, deadly blue eyes--gorgeous--no offense but I sure wanted to be posted to the Enterprise." 

"Well--he is still older--than you anyway,  the dark hair is salt and pepper now--the eyes still devastatingly blue------in a word Yes--he is still gorgeous." 

"Perhaps this earth is not as bad as I first thought."  Seven raised both eyebrows and the table erupted in laughter. 

"He has given up blondes--Seven." 


"He told you this?  Now what kind of professional discussion is that?"  B'Elanna  teased. 

"Ask your best friend he was there for the entire discussion." 

"I don't blame him---I'd watch the likes of Ryker too."  Sam smirked.  "I might keep an eye on you too." 

"Nice Sam, you'll have these young ladies getting the wrong idea."  Kathryn looked to Naomi, Mezoti and Jessica---  who all listened intently. 

"This could be very educational ---I don't ever remember her with anyone by Uncle Chakotay."  Jessica rubbed her hands together. 

"Oh I do."  Naomi offered.  "Let's see--there was that ugly Gath guy.." 

"Gath was not ugly."  Kathryn sounded slightly defensive.  "You never even knew him--that was before you were born." 

"Oh yes he was."  B'Elanna  nodded her head toward the girls. 

"I heard things---Anyway then there was that inspector.." 

"Kashyk."  Sam filled in. 

"Yea, him---you guys should have been here for that one.  Uncle Chakotay was fit to be tied! I thought he would kill him with his bare hands." 

"So what happened?"  Mezoti wanted details.  "She seduces the bad guy and save the ship?---too cool." 

"Well --whatever it was we didn't end up in detention camps--so she did something right." Naomi glance at Kathryn, Then whispered to the others. "Details later."  She spoke up again.  " And-- oh yea-- 
the hologram." 

"Michael --his name was Michael"  Kathryn resigned herself to this line of the conversation. 

"Yea, Michael Sullivan---cute little Irish guy....." 

"A HOLOGRAM!!!?"  Mezoti was in shock.  "I never heard this--a hologram!" 

"Yes and Uncle Chakotay wasn't any happier with him---even if he pretended to be."  She smiled as Kathryn tried to hold down a blush. 

"Are you finished?"  Kathryn asked quietly. 

"I think so.."  Naomi looked around for help. 

"You left out Tom."  B'Elanna watched the shock on Naomi's face. 

"Tom---your Tom??!!" 

"Sure --they had three children and you should have seen Chak's reaction to that!." 

"WHAT!!? "  All three girls answered together. 

"Stop B'Elanna."  Kathryn warned.  "It's not what you think---it was before you were even born Naomi--an accident with transwarp technology.  And they were not children--they were gray slimly lizard things." 

"This is very confusing--- You and Tom---yes or no."  She gave Kathryn a demanding look. 

"NO"   Kathryn shook her head. 

"YES"  B'Elanna answered at the same time. 

"Come on ---tell."  They all looked to B'Elanna 

"You tell---I'm getting a drink.  Anyone want anything?"  Kathryn got up, leaving B'Elanna to explain to the younger women. 

"I'll come with you."  Sam made her escape. 

"OK, Sam --get me out of this discussion--before I teach you daughter a few thing about you." 

"Me--there is nothing you can tell her about me."  Sam just laughed. 

"Oh no ---I could start with  'Uncle Chakotay' and work  down a few of the  crew before I got to Joe,  not to mention a certain alien that....' 

"You wouldn't ---would you?"  Sam flushed.  "How do you know these things?" 

"I'm the Captain--remember--I know everything and anything I miss--my husband fills me in on." 

"OK truce---I won't mention a certain roguishly handsome Ambassador in the Boahaure system  and you keep me out of this." 

"Soamir!?  How do you know about him?"  It was Kathryn's turn to blush.  "B'Elanna doesn't even know about him." 

"I know--but I do."  She stopped and looked at Kathryn.  "So?" 

"Truce--When we get back we turn the tables on them.  Deal?" 


"Sam --just how do you know about.." 

"I did work with the doctor ---remember?" 

"Oh God. Damn protocol" 

     They were laughing and talking of safer topics when they returned to the amazed stares of the others. 

"B'Elanna---what did you tell them?"  Kathryn demanded. 

"The truth I swear it--nothing more." 

"She was accurate, Kathryn according to the logs"  Seven vouched for B'Elanna. 

"Thank you Seven.  Now there must be something more interesting to talk about than me." 

"Not really." 


"OK ---I guess we could find someone else to pick on for a while.  It's just more fun to talk about you" 

"I'm not that interesting.  I never was  and since I got married--well I've been really boring." 

"Well, maybe, but you're the Captain--unfortunately that makes you the most interesting person we have." 

"No--it just makes me the most noticeable---You happen to be very interesting."  Kathryn smiled at B'Elanna.  "I seem to recall a certain fascination for a playwright and there was that engineer from----where was that?"  She looked at Sam. 

"Oh no---she broke Joe's nose once, I'm not giving her a shot at me." 

"OK --- I get the point --let's pick on Naomi---it's her party."  B'Elanna shrugged at the girls. 

"We know all about Naomi---we want something interesting."  Mezoti pushe at Naomi. 

"Yea, how about some stories about my mom?"  Jessica chimed in. 

"Oh no you don't.-----Ask her, or your father."  Kathryn wasn't getting into the Delaney sisters with these girls, especially since they weren't her to defend themselves. 

"Chicken"  B'Elanna whispered to Kathryn. 

"What was that Aunt B'E?"  Jessica challenged 

"Nothing." She looked around for help.  "Seven how about you ---what about Axum?" 

"Who's that?"  Mezoti had lived with Seven for years, she didn't know any Axum. 

"Just someone I used to know---borg."  Seven gave B'Elanna an evil look.  "I didn't remember him once I was severed from the hive mind." 

"Speaking of borg."  Kathryn could see Seven needed another subject change.  "Remember when we stole the transwarp drive and lost you to the Queen?" 

"I do---I had a plan."  Naomi laughed.  "Thought I had all the answers." 


     Seven had chosen to stay behind on the borg cube and Voyager was forced to move to a safer territory leaving her behind.  They were uncertain as to what action --if any--to take.  It seemed that Seven had chosen freely to remain with the borg.  The Captain was in her ready room, going over all the sensor logs trying to determine a course of action.   The door chimed. 

"Yes."  The Captain called for Tuvok to enter. 

"A member of the crew has requested an appointment with the Captain.  I informed her that you were occupied----but she was insistent." 

"Whatever it is, I'm sure Commander Chakotay can handle it."  She looked up and Naomi stepped out from behind Tuvok.  "Request granted, send her in." 

"Permission to submit a proposal for your  review."  Naomi held up a padd. 


"It's a rescue operation for Seven of Nine."  She handed the padd to the Captain and watched her smile as she read it. 

'Oh----you created this plan all by yourself?" 

"Yes Ma'am, ---You see if we change out long range sensor to Seven's cortical implant frequency----maybe we can find her." 

"The delta quadrant is a very big place and Seven could be thousands of light years from here."  She watched the girl consider this. 

"What if we boosted our sensor range with power from the main deflector."  Naomi gave her a satisfied smile. 

   The Captain  smiled back and laughed. 

"You've been spending too much time in engineering.  I'm afraid it's not that simple."  She handed her back the padd.  "But thank you crewman---your initiative is duly noted." 

    Naomi  nodded and headed for the door, she stopped and turned back. 

"Captain----you're not going to give up are you?" 

     The Captain studied the girl, put down her coffee and came around the desk.  She waved Naomi closer. 

"There are three things to remember about being a Starship Captain---Keep your shirt tucked in----go down with the ship" She leaned in closer to Naomi's ear.  "And never abandon a member of your crew." 

     Naomi smiled, comforted by this news.  The Captain's computer beeped. 

    The Captain turned the screen to face them and crouched down next to Naomi for a look. 

"Take a look at this, Naomi---What do you see?"  She studied the patterns on the screen. 

"Sensor logs." 

"These aren't random energy fluctuations." The Captain nodded.  "They're borg comm signals and they were all directed at cargo bay two." 

"You mean the borg were talking to Seven of Nine?" 

"It sure looks that way---come on." 


"You know ---you all think she was some kind of whiz kid."  Mezodi looked at  Naomi, then around the room.  "I could tell you stories." 

"Mezoti-----I think it's time to go."  Naomi stood up and took her arm.  "Let me remind you, how you would have come across any such Knowledge---Mez, You would have had to have been there too." 

"Oh yea, maybe we should go." 

"Wait a minute----I want to hear this."  Kathryn gave them a glare. 

"Sorry, Aunt Kathryn---gotta go, have an early shift tomorrow."  Naomi was pulling Mezodi toward the door.  "Love to say and talk ---maybe another time." 

"Wait for me."  Jessica ran after them. 

'Did we miss something?"  B'Elanna asked the others between laughs. 

"I hope so---and I really don't want to know!"  Kathryn shook her head.  "I'm sure they can make us look like vestal virgins." 

"God---let's not talk about this!"  Sam gasped.  "I don't even want to think about it." 

"Please my son is dating Jenny Delaney's daughter--I really don't want to think about that." 

"How do you think I feel?"  Seven raised her hands in the air.  "My "children" are dating each other!" 

"Oh---that doesn't sound good---Icheb and Mezodi aren't really brother and sister----god."  Kathryn stood up .  "I think, on that note, I will go home and see if I can figure out a way to explain that to Starfleet." 

"Good night"  The four said in unison as Kathryn left the mess hall. 

End part Seven.