His Heart's Eye   (Neelix/Kes)

First place in 60 second Neeliz/Kes

Petite and beautiful, big eyes with short blond hair, she was coming to him, calling his name. He returned her smile, holding out his arms to her.
"Neelix the time is 0600 hours." The computer blared.

Sitting up startled; he cried. Only another dream


Strange Bedfellows  (P/T) 

Third place in PT

He was the trouble making privileged son of the federation; she the fierce half-breed daughter of the empire. Diametrical, contrary, antagonistic -- consummate

Technolove -   (Doc/7) 

Second place  Doc/7
Photons and force fields; cortical node and nano probs. Romantic sub routines? He must comply. The borg and the hologram a perfect match

Mind Meld - (Tuvok/T'Pel)

First place in 60 second Tuvok/Tpel

Though thousands of light years separated them; she was here in his mind. At night when it was quiet, he could light the candles and meditate. His mind to hers, he felt her peace calm him; restore his serenity.


Through Her Tears - (Neelix/Naomi)

First place N/N

She loved him like no other; he was all she ever knew. Her heart was breaking as he said goodbye, moving on to his new life. She smiled through her tears wishing him health, love, and happiness. He hugged her and was gone.

"I love you, Godfather." Naomi called out as the shuttle departed.


Dance with the Devil - (Janeway/Kashyk) 

Second place J/Kashyk

It was a dangerous game and she loved playing it. He was dark and menacing, sexy and evil; a cunning mind that presented a real challenge.

"Kathryn, I must return to my ship."

He kissed her quickly; she pulled him closer for a lingering memory. He was gone.

She snickered, the game was on!


Borg a Que - (J/7)

Second place J/7

"I treated you like a daughter."

"I never requested it."

"I nurtured you and helped you grow."

"I have out grown your teaching. He is a better teacher."

"I am a better shot."

"Captain? I... " Her last words were lost in the phaser blast.

 Coming Home - (J/C  NC17)   

Second place adult                                             

Chakotay pushed her back against the bulkhead, his mouth smothering her cries, his hands divesting her of her uniform. She struggled against him, not to fight him off but for equal access. The layers of starfleet peeled off, moaning as flesh to flesh with practices ease they aroused one another to a fevered pitch. He lifted her; she wrapped her legs around him. Impaled in one thrust, crying out as he pounded into her, together they convulsed against the cold titanium.