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Aligning the Future


Third in Talent Night Jigsawed

Rated PG

Together, the younger Captain and her future First Officer left sickbay and started on their journey to inoculate the gel packs.  Several were easy but a few required visiting various past and further sections of the ship.  It was an interesting afternoon that had them exploring the far reaches of the ship.  And the younger Captain more than a little curious about their future relationship.

The Captain let her mind wander a bit as she followed this man, who would be her friend, through the bowels of their ship.  She wondered how soon this attraction had become evident in his timeline.  Did it hit her the second he beamed aboard her ship or did it take time to develop?  Silly question.  This version of herself had spent less than a day with him and well, she wouldn’t call it love but –attraction, now there was a nice word for what she was feeling.   She examined the posterior slowly swaggering in front of her eyes, yes this is what jefferies tubes were invented for – wasn’t it?  God she was a captain she shouldn’t be thinking like a cadet but—ummmm she was sooo tempted to just bite it.

Chakotay crawled through yet another jeffries tube, his knees were killing him.  To take his mind off it, he allowed his thoughts to drift to the woman crawling behind him.  This younger Kathryn wasn’t as adept at hiding her emotions as the older one, he wondered if his Kathryn had been that way and if so, why he never noticed.  He had always been keenly aware of his own reaction, the moment he landed on her bridge he had wanted her, but he was never this sure of hers.  He glanced over his shoulder, she was lost in thought or maybe she was just mesmerized by the sight of his backside; her eyes were glued to it.

Chakotay turned back to check their location.  He found the hatch they needed and stopped causing Kathryn to crawl right into him.

“Oh!”  She blushed beet red as she straightened up and backed away from him.  “I’m sorry I didn’t realize you stopped.”

“My fault, Captain.  I should have told you I was stopping.”  He tried unsuccessfully to hold back the grin.

“OK, so you caught me daydreaming.”  She smiled. “I take it we have reached the cargo bay?”

“Yes, and as soon as I get this hatch open, well be on our way.”  He struggled with the hatch.  “Must have been a good daydream.” He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye.

“It was...”  She snuck one last look at his butt.  “...interesting.  Problem with the hatch?”

“Just out of sync, like the rest of the ship.” He forced the hatch open, stuck his head out and surveyed the surround area. “After you.”  Smirking as he moved back allowing her to crawl past him.

They quickly injected the gel packs at that junction and headed down the deserted corridor toward the next.  As she rounded the corner, it was the Captain’s turn to stop short.  Chakotay nearly knocked her over; he quickly wrapped his arms around her to keep her from falling. Neither moved nor spoke for several seconds as they watched the scene play out before them.

In the darkened corridor there were two figures; she recognized both. Chakotay had one arm wrapped around the waist of the Borg she had met earlier--Seven; the other gently brushed back the long blond hair from her face.  Their faces were almost touching and although Kathryn couldn’t see their expressions from here, she could imagine them.  She felt a tight knot form in her stomach.  The woman’s hand brushed the side of his face as he leaned in placing light delicate kisses on her mouth, cheeks, and forehead.  Seven sighed.  Kathryn didn’t want to see this but she couldn’t tear herself away; the knot in her stomach started to churn.  Seven slipped the fingers of her right hand through his short hair guiding his lips to hers. Chakotay surrendered easily, kissing the borg with a passion she eagerly returned.  At the sound of their low throaty moans, Kathryn wrenched herself free of his grasp, and pushed past him.  It was another few seconds longer when Chakotay regained his senses and followed the Captain down the corridor.

“I had no…”  He had to trot to catch up with her.

“Don’t—temporal prime directive, remember.”  She waved it off dismissively, but the glare she directed at him said it was anything but casual.

Kathryn located the next set of gel packs and began removing the panel.

“Damn.”  She fumbled with the panel but brushed off his hands when he tried to help.  “I’m perfectly capable of doing this.”

“Normally.”  He moved aside.

“What the hell does that mean?”

“It means, when you are not a jealous snit.”

“A jealous…?”  She turned and glared at him.  “I am not in a jealous snit!”

Chakotay stepped forward forcing her back against the wall and pinning her body with his own. Kathryn’s eyes shot fire, as she glared at him, but she didn’t try to free herself.  Slowly, he lowered his mouth to hers; she forgot to breathe as she followed his movement with hungry eyes. Kathryn tried to hold her mouth taut struggling not to respond as his demanding lips claimed hers.  With a sudden gentleness his lips softened, moving tenderly against hers, coaxing them apart while his hands caressing the soft skin of her exposed neck; Kathryn surrendered with a sigh.  Chakotay’s tongue slipped past her lips making contact with hers and engaging in a sensuous dance, as their bodies pressed more tightly together.  Kathryn moaned, her hands reaching around to trace the taut muscles of his back, while his fingers gently explored her, causing a wet heat to spread between her thighs.  Chakotay eased out of the kiss that left them both panting, but he didn’t move back.

“It must be some possible future.”  He leaned in and kissed her softly.  “One I know nothing about.”  “That..”  He held her gaze as he stepped back allowing her to move again.  “need never happen.”

“Well, see that it doesn’t!”  Kathryn smiled as she turned back and easily removed the panel.

The End

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