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Kathryn looked out the window, across the wide lawn to the white gazebo.  It was hard to believe she was dressing for Chakotay’s wedding.  Sighing as she watched the man arrange the flowers far below her, Kathryn slowly turned back to the mirror; it didn’t seem possible.  For seven years he had stood by her side.  Kathryn had depended on him; she had come to believe he would always be there for her.  He had always been there, well most of the time.  Kathryn smiled as she remembered them, the distractions over the years.

First it was Seska.  Was really fair to count her?  Seska had been with him when Kathryn met him- a thing of the past he had assured her.  Not quite!  It was far from over, at least in Seska’s eyes.  Boy, she had wreaked havoc in their lives.  Even after her death she continued to plague them.  Luckily, most of the others went away quietly.

Kathryn fussed with her hair.  She wanted to look her best.  He needed to see her at her best today and she didn’t want to disappoint him.
Kathryn had always understood his ‘little flings’; she didn’t like them much but she didn’t really have a right to object.  He was her best friend but she had nothing more to offer him, so she tried to be happy for him.  There had been several members of the crew, but the interest soon passed.  She remembered Valerie, had even teased him about kissing a big  ‘grasshopper’ but she was just another ‘alien babe of the month’.  It too passed quickly.

There were the blondes, as Kathryn had come to think of them.  Kellin, now she didn’t seem his type.  But she was hot for him and after too many celibate years in the Delta Quadrant, that was much better than love.  The day Chakotay told Kathryn he wanted to offer Kellin asylum was a hard one, but once again Kathryn did what would make him happy.  Luckly, Kathryn laughed to herself, the tracers caught up with them and took Kellin home.

Kathryn touched up her make up and walked toward the window; it was almost time.  She saw members of her crew—former crew—mingle with other guests on the lawn.  It would be good to have them all together today.  She missed the closeness they once shared.

Closeness, ummm that was one way to put his relationship with Riley.  Dr. Riley Fraser, now there was a woman to be reckoned with.  She was intelligent, attractive, forceful and strong-everything Chakotay wanted and needed in a woman. Had Riley chosen a different path she and Chakotay would have made a very good match.

There was one more blonde.  Kathryn hadn’t believed it at first, when the Admiral told her, at least she didn’t want to, but she would be here soon.  Kathryn needed to ‘assist her in her preparations’ for the ceremony.  The knock on her door told Kathryn this day was all too real.

“Come in, Seven”

“Kathryn, thank you for your kind offer of assistance.  I know this must be difficult for you.”

“It’s no trouble, Seven.”  Kathryn smiled at the beautiful young woman standing before her. “You look beautiful, come in let me help you with that dress.”

Kathryn helped Seven with the dress, tucked up the stray strand of silky blonde hair and touched up, ever so slightly the makeup, on the flawless skin.  Together they descended the stairs to the back lawn.

Kathryn surveyed the gathering as they made their way across the lawn. As Kathryn watched, Seven made her way down the aisle – a vision of golden loveliness.  Chakotay stood with Mike Ayala, his best man, at the end of the long aisle.  His nervous look made Kathryn smile.  Her mind wandered back to the night that same man with that same nervous look had told her the story of the Angry Warrior.  It seemed like only yesterday.

“Katie.”  Owen Paris whispered as he nudged her back to reality offering her his arm. “It’s time.”

It was only yesterday.

Kathryn smiled as she took Owen’s arm.  The music played and he led her down the aisle to where her Angry Warrior waited.  Finally, together they would find peace.

The End

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