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The Things We do for Love
Third place in Coffee contest 

Rated G

"Push, Captain" The doctor was calm and about as encouraging as you would expect a computer program could be.

"I am!"  She grunted out between clenched teeth.

"You can do better, come on now." He never looked up so he missed the death glare she flung his way.

"GrrrrrAHHH."  Her response was lost in the next contraction.

"Hang on, Kathryn."  Chakotay supported her with one arm while with an amazing show of strength she crushed the fingers of his other hand.  "Almost."

Kathryn had been pregnant for nine very long months, in labor for the past eleven hours, and had been pushing for almost an hour; if the Doctor said 'just one more push' one more time, Chakotay thought he would kill him himself.  Through out the years his bedside manner had improved quite a bit, he even learned a thing or two about how to handle the Captain, but you would never know it today.  Kathryn had already promised to demote him, smash his mobile emitter and decompile his program; Chakotay feared all of those were kinder than the any current plan that might be formulating in her head.

"Don't side with him.."  She gritted her teeth as she bore down with another contraction.  "you I can just phaser."

"I love you."  He whispered in response as he brushed the damp hair away from her eyes.

"One more push, Captain."  He ignored both their growls.  "Push!"

Chakotay watched her twist his already blue fingers, as she grunted and forced all her remaining energy into one last push. Collasping back against him she gasped for air.

"Captain.."  A loud cry echoed off the bulkheads. "well from the sounds of him, your son will enjoy giving orders too!"  The doctor placed the squealing infant across his mother's chest. "I'll just finish...."

"NOW!"  Kathryn glared at him, then looked down; her shout had startled the baby into silence.  "Now, doctor."  She lowered her voice as she stroked the baby, but the look in her eyes told him she still meant business.

"But, Cap..."

"Doctor, If I were you..." Chakotay, patted the doctors shoulder.  "I would hold up my end of the bargain."

"It's not that simple, I'm not finished here and the baby...."

"Doc, Sam can handle the baby."  Tom put an arm around the doctor's shoulder, turning him toward the office.  "I'll take care of the Captain."

"Humph."  The Doctor gave up, reluctantly moving toward his office.  "If I ever get any respect around here my circuits would overload."

"I expect full compliance, doctor."  Kathryn called after him.

Sam bathed the baby and with Tom's approval Chakotay helped Kathryn to the sonic shower. Mother and son were clean, changed and resting comfortably by the time the Doctor returned.

"It's about time."  Kathryn tried to sound stern, but she couldn't resist smiling.

"I made the necessary 'adjustments' to my program, as quickly as possible."  The Doctor grumbled and he stumbled along, trying not to spill any of the precious liquid he carried.

"WOW!"  Tom let out a long wolf whistle.  "Doc, you are hot!"

"Knock it off, Mr. Paris." The doctor struggled to maintain his balance on the four-inch heels he wore to off set the short skirt and fishnet stockings of his French maid outfit.  "This only goes to show you that I will go to any extremes to guarantee the well being of my patients."

"You're a good man-- er-- woman--er...."  Chakotay laughed, joining Tom who was doubled over and near tears at the sight.

"Stop it both of you."  Kathryn tried to control her own laughter. "He is just holding up his end of the bargain.  He promised if I gave up coffee for my entire pregnancy, he would serve me my first cup on silver tray wearing a French maid outfit."

"And I am a man of my word, Captain."  He made a short bow and extended the serving tray allowing her to pick up her coffee.

"Thank you."  She immediately lost her self in the steaming brown liquid of life she had missed for so long.

"Hey, nice legs, Doc."  Samantha took the baby from his mother.

"You too, Ensign?"  The doctor shook his head.  "Captain can't you do something about the lack of respect around here?  Captain?  Captain?"

 “Looks like you’re out of luck Doctor. Kathryn has coffee for the first time in nine months, we’re lucky if she even comes up for air.”  Chakotay smiled and shook his head, as he took his son from Sam.  “Kole let me explain this to you right now.  This is your mommy and she loves you very much, but in that cup is a substance that keeps us all safe.  She gave that up for you once, I strongly suggest you never ask her to do that again.”

The End.

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