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Third in PC Conspiracy

Rated PG

Still half asleep, Kathryn rolled over snuggling close to the warm body at her side.  Her fingers skimmed across his smooth chest, her hand coming to rest on his hip, nose nuzzled close to breathe in the warm aroma that was so uniquely him.  Being the earlier riser, Kathryn often had this quiet time just to bask in the warmth and security that waking next to him provided.

When she rested her head on his chest she noticed he wasn’t sleeping.  His breathing was carefully controlled, he hadn’t moved or reacted to her touch but she knew he was awake.

“What has you awake so early?”



“The Jankata accord.”  He sighed, his one hand coming to rest on her back.

“A non-aggression pact?  A little heavy for early morning musing, isn’t’ it?”



“Whether or not it has a direct impact on your life.”

“Well I’m not interested in territorial expansion, I’m quite happy with you and as far as being aggressive...” Turned to kiss the warm flesh beneath her cheek. “I thought you always kind of enjoyed that.”

“That I enjoy, but…”

“But?”  Kathryn sat up and studied his worried face. “Ahhh, I see.”


“You’ve been enlightened by our resident expert on conspiracy.”

“She told you?”

“Yes... well, no.  That is, I’m sure she didn’t tell me whatever it was she told you.”

“What did she tell you?”

“Let’s see.  I think this calls for coffee.”  Kathryn climbed over him and grabbed a robe on her way to the replicator; Chakotay followed.  “You and Tuvok have apparently been working against me for the last five years.”


“Yes and most of your first contacts have been solely because you were seeking a source of tetrion power cells to fuel the tetrion reactor you rescued from the array and had shipped through subspace here to Mr. Tash.”

“Oh and what is the purpose of this deception?”

“To revive the Maquis cause…”

“A cause that at the time, I had no way of knowing would die out in the first place?” Chakotay ran his fingers through his hair.

“Yes, that one and of course to catapult your warships…”

“Of which I have so many.”

“Well, yes, but I think that was the plan with Seska.” Kathryn put their coffee on the table and tucked her feet under her as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

“Oh, this gets better.”  He sat down.  “What plan with Seska?”

“That would be the one where she has your child and together you form a new Kazon sect to man the warships.”

“The warships I don’t have?”

“Yes, those ships”

“I see and I knew all this five years ago?”

“Yes.  And you planned so carefully that now that you are here, your fleet of war ships is waiting and you can anytime now conquer the alpha quadrant.”

“I see.”

“So what have I been up to these last five years?”

“Well, let’s see.  You have apparently stolen my accomplice, Mr. Tuvok, and together you and he are involved in a Federation conspiracy.”

 “Another conspiracy? Not very original.”

“Yes, and you are in collusion with the Caretaker himself.  Your conspiracy may possibly even  include the Cardassians.”

“Pretty heavy stuff.” Kathryn rolled her eyes.  “And the purpose of this conspiracy?

“To establish a military presence in the Delta Quadrant."

“Ahh, hence your pondering of the Jankata accord.”  Kathryn picked up the coffee passing Chakotay's to him.  “I understand now.”

They both stared silently into their coffee cups.  Chakotay was feeling a bit foolish for having even entertained Seven’s theories.

“What do we do now?”

“I believe we should have B’Elanna and the Doctor check out Seven and her new cortical processing subunit.”

“Seven maybe malfunctioning," Chakotay shook his head. " But, I don't have that excuse."

"You're right, Chakotay.  But there were some plausible points in her arguments.”  Kathryn reached out to touch his cheek.  “I found myself having doubts too.  But you know what?  We've been through too much to stop trusting each other, now."

“Yes, we have.”  Chakotay focused his attention on his coffee cup, absently he lifted it slowly  to his lips.  Just before he sipped it he looked up and saw her smile. "You didn't poison the coffee, did you?"

Kathryn shrugged and sipped her own coffee. “No more than usual.”

The End

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