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“Premier  Westcosta, I must apologize again for the behavior of my crewmen.  I simply have no idea what has gotten into those two.”  The Captain tried not to blush as she made her apologies to the Ventuean Premier for the two members of her crew caught cavorting naked in the Official Gardens.

“Captain, please don’t be too hard on them.  They are very young and were obviously overcome by the moment.”

“That is no excuse for their behavior.” Voyager had been in orbit for over two weeks and the Captain had come to know Premier Westcosta fairly well. He was a much older man but very young at heart.  She was grateful he was open-minded and understanding, but still very embarrassed; a fact she was unsuccessful in hiding as they strolled the busy street together.

“Kathryn, we were all young once.”  He placed his hand on her shoulder and smiled.  “The Gardens are not public, so very few people witnessed it- no harm done.”  He smiled as her cheeks turned pink.  “And frankly, I was rather amused.”

“I’m grateful for your understanding.  Other people might not be so forgiving.”

“So, you will be gentle in your reprimand?”

“I can’t allow behavior like that.”

“I understand that and you must discipline them, but …”  He chuckled and she was instantly remained of Chakotay, which only deepened her blush.  “I suspect you are no prude, Kathryn and just might have pulled a stunt or two in your time.  You will be lenient —won’t you?”

“I will take you comments under advisement.”  She replied very seriously but couldn’t hold back her smile.  “Yes, I was young once, too!”

“And you still are.  Now why don’t we visit this café and get a cool drink.  It’s a bit warm out here for an old man.”  His eyes sparkled when he laughed. “Don’t..”  He held up a finger to stop her comment.  “Yes, I am an old man but that is alright; I still remember when I was young and spending time with you these past weeks had made me feel young.  Thank you, Kathryn.”

“Trenton, I should be thanking you.  You have been most kind and generous with us.”  She took the seat he offered her, waiting while he ordered their drinks.

“So, Kathryn, tell me.  What sort of crazy things did you do in your younger days?”

“I’m afraid I was always way too serious.  I spent all of my time studying and preparing for my career.”

“No young man to cavort naked with in some semi-public place?”

“Certainly not!”  Kathryn laughed.  “I guess I really was a prude.”

“Ahh, so now you are not?”

“Trenton, don’t twist my words.”  She gave him a modified death glare.

“Kathryn, save it for your crew.  I am too old and too stubborn to be deterred by a look, even one as charming as yours.”  He leaned in closer.  “So, tell me who is it you ‘cavort’ with now, my dear Captain?”

“What makes you so sure there is someone?”

“Simple—you are a beautiful, young woman, warm and full of life.  Your responsibility for your crew so far from home is overwhelming and you would most probably be an embittered old hag by now, if you did not have a man to enjoy life with.”  He watched her cheeks turn red.  “Or perhaps a woman—which is it?”

“Trenton, really!” Kathryn laughed.  “I will admit that my preference is for men—now enough of this.”

“No, no.  Now I get to guess who.”

“No one.”

“Wrong.  Let me see, the dark man…”

“Tuvok?!”  She rolled her eyes.

“Much too stern.  He would never be much fun.  The pilot, blond good looking – not too young..”

“Please.  Besides, he is married to my chief engineer.  You met B‘Elanna.”  Kathryn didn’t know why but she was enjoying this game.

“The small, sturdy, woman with ridges- yes I met her.  Lovely, fiery and I think she would be quite temperamental.  Yes, you are wise not to dally with her man.”  He laughed and ordered them another drink.  “If you had told me you preferred woman, she would have been my best guess.”

“You are incorrigible.”

“Yes, be that as it may.  Now, the young ensign—Mr. Kim.”  He smiled when she laughed and shook her head.  “Right, nice, but way too young.  He could never truly appreciate a woman like you.  Save him, maybe in a few years.”


“The security officer who came with you that first day.  The dark haired one.”  He completely ignored her feigned indignation.

“Lieutenant Ayala?”

“Yes, I think so.  Now he would be a good match.  A little younger, but not too young. Serious, apparently trustworthy and very devoted to your safety. “He stopped and studied her.  “I see he is of interest, worthy of consideration but he isn’t the one—is he?”

“No.”  She laughed and took a long sip of her drink.  “Mike is a very good man and he is all of those things you mentioned and yes in different circumstances he might be attractive—but no he is not the one.”

“Well, since we are now sure there is a “ONE”, let’s press on.  Ambassador Neelix is—well, let’s say not your type.  Which leaves me with…. ”  The Premier’s jaw went slack his mouth falling open.


“Your – your First Officer!”  He stammered.

“I don’t think it’s that astonishing.  After all…”

“No, Kathryn.”  He glanced at her then pointed over her head.  “Your First Officer!”

Kathryn turned around following his extended finger and slowly raised her eyes to the top of the stairs.  To her amazement, her first officer stood at the top of the stairs, his trousers puddled around his ankles.

“Oh spirits.”  Kathryn wasn’t sure if she should laugh or cry.  “Trenton! Ohmygod.”  She looked back at the Premier, who barely contained his laughter, then up at Chakotay.  “I don’t …”

“I think we should help him.”  He took Kathryn’s arm and ushered her toward the stairs.

Kathryn was frozen in place until the Premier gave her a gentle push in the direction of the stairs.  Suddenly mobile, she all but ran up the stairs, Trenton close behind.  When Kathryn reached the top of the stairs, she tried to move Chakotay back both to allow herself and Trenton to move off the stairs and to remove him from the view.

“Chakotay, what the hell…?”

Chakotay smiled, oblivious to her fury.  He wrapped his arms around her and unable to walk with his trousers tying his ankles, took her with him when he tumbled to the floor.  The Premier found the entire scene very amusing- the Captain didn’t.  The government security team, who was never far behind the Premier, topped the stairs and momentarily froze unable to determine what the correct course of action was.

 “Stop laughing and help me.”  The Captain growled as she struggled against her first officer on the floor.

“Kiss me, Kat.”  Chakotay pulled her face toward his.

“What the hell is wrong with…?”

Before she could finish his tongue invaded her mouth.  Kathryn could hear Trenton laughing and the sudden thud as the feet of what she assumed was Trenton security stopped cold behind her. She struggled to free herself but was unsuccessful until the spell was broken by the sound of her comm badge.

“Tuvok to Janeway.”  The sound of Tuvok’s voice penetrated Chakotay’s fog and he eased his grip allowing her to pull back far enough to answer.

“Damn that Vulcan.”  He mumbled as Kathryn glared at him.

“Janeway.  What is it Tuvok?  I have a small situation here.”  She glanced over her shoulder glaring at Trenton, which unfortunately only increased his amusement.

“If it is similar to the earlier one, I believe I have an explanation for you.”

“That would be a welcome relief.  Go ahead, Tuvok.”

“The doctor has found a chemical substance he believes to have come from the water at the archeological site the away team visited yesterday.  Once the substance is ingested it can take 12 to 24 hours to effect the individual and will harmless dissipate within the next 24 hours without treatment.  The only effects seem to be that the individual may exhibit sexual aggressiveness and have a tendency toward exhibitionism.”

“How many on that team, Tuvok?”

“Seven, Captain, but we have accounted for all but the Commander.”

“I have accounted for him, Tuvok.  Thank you.  Janeway out.”

The end of the comm link triggered Chakotay back into action and he immediately tried to pull her back to him.

“Get him off of me!”

The command in her voice caused an immediate reaction from the guards who started to extract her from her situation then stopped and glanced at the Priemer.

“Kathryn, it seems you are on him not the other way around.”  He continued to laugh but nodded his head toward the team.

One guard helped the Captain to her feet while the other continued to restrain the semi naked Commander.

“I am glad you find this so amusing!”  Kathryn raged as she adjusted her uniform.

“Kathryn, you really need to relax.”

“Premier, I find my self extremely embarrassed by the behavior of my first officer and in the distasteful position of having to apologize for the inappropriate behavior of my crew once again.”  Her cheeks were flaming red with both rage and embarrassment. “Now that we have determined the cause, I can assure you it won’t happen again.”

“Kathryn.”  He placed his finger under her chin and raised her gaze to his—so like Chakotay often did.  The amusement in his eyes was touched with tenderness.  “I am an old man, Kathryn and have been in a position of responsibility for many, many years.  I appreciate your sense of propriety and your need for discipline to keep both yourself and your crew within certain parameters of proper behavior.  This is necessary and admirable especially when dealing with alien races, but, Kathryn, you need to relax a little, laugh, enjoy the humorous side of innocent situations that are out of your control anyway.  No harm was done here- other than perhaps your wounded pride- and as I told you before I am having a wonderful time. And now that we know the cause, I should apologize to you.  We should have been more thorough in our dealings, too.  Had we been, your crew would never have been given any substance that would have adverse effects.”

“Again, I’m in you debt.  You have taken this very well. Thank you.”

“I haven’t had this much fun in years. Now take him home and please, both of you come back for dinner tomorrow, when he has recovered.”  He laughed.  “I promise no water.”

“Thank you.”  Kathryn turned to see the guards trying to redress Chakotay.  She stepped forward and assisted in fastening his trousers with a laugh.


“Don’t!”  She silenced him with the death glare and heard Trenton laugh beside her.  “We’re going back to the ship and we will discuss it there.”  She said sternly then turned and winked at the Premier.

“Kathryn, one thing.”  He nodded toward Chakotay.  “Am I right?”

“Voyager two to beam up.”  She slapped her badge then smiled at the older man. “Yes.”  She said just as they shimmered away in the blue glow of the transporter.

The Premier laughed.

The End

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