Disclaimer: The characters are owned by Paramount but since they have no idea what to do with them,  I offer this small bit of advice.


First place winner in BabyFic Drabble contest

Rated G

“So beautiful.”  He placed soft moist kisses on her face.  “Do you even know what you do to me?”  He traced her jawline with his finger.  “Crystal blue eyes, skin so fair, so delicate.”  His lips brushed her cheek; his soft warm whisper caressed her ear.  “I am yours completely”

Hopelessly lost in a love trance, he never heard the approaching footsteps.

“Chakotay.”  She lightly touched his shoulder.  “Come to bed and let her sleep.”

Moving back from the crib, he kissed his wife.  And with one more glance at their newborn daughter bathed in starlight, they went to bed.