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                                                  J is for Jealousy

Written for the Janeway Chakotay alphabet challenge.

Rated G

He brushed back the jet-black curls, gazed into the crystal blue eyes, and placed featherlight kisses across her face.  The tender words of love he spoke against her golden skin were meant for her alone.  Chakotay had no way of knowing they were being observed, no reason to reign in the love that flowed so openly between them.

Kathryn knew she shouldn’t be watching -spying on them like this, but she couldn’t tear herself away.  Whenever she worked Beta shift she was likely to find them like this.  Kathryn tried not to be jealous but there was a tight knot in the pit of her stomach that wouldn’t go away.  All these years she had loved him.  Somehow she had survived his blondes but she feared she would finally lose him to this one.  So unlike the other women in his life, they had all been fair and strong -this one was tiny, almost frail with golden skin and jet black-hair.  And she clearly held his heart.  Jealousy was an ugly thing and Kathryn tried to move away before he detected it.

“Kathryn?”  He tore his gaze away long enough to seek her in the shadows.  “Is that you?”

“Yes.”  Her voice sounded weak even to her own ears.  She cleared her throat and tried again.  “Yes, I’m here.  Did you need something?”  She tried to appear casual as she entered the room.

“No, we’re fine but we were missing you.”

“You looked contented enough.”  Kathryn smiled as she sat beside him.  She really did love them both and hated it when the green-eyed monster left her feeling like this.

“We had a very nice evening but.. .”  He leaned over and brushed his lips across Kathryn’s. She responded, instantly deepening the kiss.  “Hold that thought.”  He pulled back and smiled.  “Cat, say good night to mommy.” He carried the baby toward her bedroom, winking over his shoulder at Kathryn.  “I’ll be right back!”

The End

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