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On the Line

Rated PG

Chakotay rang the chime only once before the door slid back revealing the Captain’s darkened quarters.  Silently, he entered scanning the dimly lit room until he spotted her.  Kathryn stood by the viewport her back to him.  Neither spoke.  He hadn’t known it would be important to her, in all the time they had been out here, she never allowed him even a clue.  It had been more than a little obvious how he felt about her, but she had never once hinted that she felt something, too.  Always professional, most times friendly, never anything more. Then, he had seen her face when she came upon them and their picnic.  The Captain’s mask quickly covered it, but not before he had seen the hurt flash in her eyes.  Kathryn had quickly made an excuse and exited the holodeck at just under a run; he wasn’t far behind her.  Now, he stood studying her ramrod straight back.  She knew he was here; she had opened the door.  Quietly, he moved to the center of the room and waited.

Kathryn finally moved away from the viewport, slowly raising her eyes to his as she turned to face him.  Deep blue eyes glistening with unshed tears; the searing pain this unexpected glimpse of her solitude caused him took him completely by surprise.  Chakotay marveled at effect this woman had on him; her slightest look or gesture held him captive.  Her smile filled him with joy; her sorrow tore at his soul.  Kathryn took a step in his direction, blue eyes holding brown hostage for endless minutes, until she tilted her head smiling through her tears and Chakotay could feel his heart beating.

“Chakotay.”  The first words spoken, soft velvety sounds, reaching out in the darkness to caress him and his pulse quickened.

Chakotay’s breath caught when her face grew serious; her eyes, released his to travel slowly down his body, drinking in each line, each bump, each curve.  Kathryn was still across the room, yet he could feel the physical caress of her eyes as they traveled from head to toe and back again.  He didn’t move; he wasn’t sure he was capable of movement.  Kathryn took another step.

Chakotay watched as her eyes returned slowly to his, bareing a desire so intense he almost gasped.  The slight raise of an eyebrow, the crooked smile let him know that she was well aware of her effect on him.  Holding his gaze, she took another step.  Kathryn licked her lips then let her eyes drop to watch him reactively do the same.  She moved closer, her eyes continuing downward.  Chakotay felt himself stir, hardening quickly as her heated gaze rested on the growing bulge in his trousers.  Her breath quickened, her tongue snaked out to moisten her lips again as she inched closer.

Kathryn was still more than an arm's length away but Chakotay could feel the heat her body generated, even at this distance. She returned her eyes to his, moving just close enough to place her palm on his chest.  She could feel the wild pounding under her hand; her own blood pumped harder.  She could feel the flush creeping across her skin, the moisture pooling between her legs.   She had fought this so long and in the end it took only one glimpse of him beside someone else to drive her to him.  How foolish she had been, believing they could keep this at bay until they returned home.

Her hand slid up his chest spreading warmth like fire until it came to rest on the back of his neck.  Kathryn moved again, standing now so that there was almost no space between them; he sucked in his breath as her hips brushed against his.   She had to tilt her head back now to see him, the arch of her back causing her breasts to press against his chest- it was her turn to gasp at the sharp sensation of the accidental touch.

Kathryn's eyes drifted toward his mouth, caressing his full lips with her glance and he couldn’t resist watching her bite the edge of her own soft lips as she slowly stretched to bring them to his. Chakotay eased out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding, dipping toward her under the pressure of the delicate hand on his neck.

At first touch, she was warm and moist, her lips pressing lightly to his, then moving, growing in her demand for a response. Breaking through the paralysis that had held him still for so long, Chakotay's arms closed around her drawing her closer.  Pulling her tightly to him, his mouth claimed hers, lips parting, tongues meshing as their bodies melted together.  She was all at once sweet and soft, hot and demanding; he thought he would die of his need for her or maybe she would devour him and then he could think nothing at all.

Kathryn felt him hard against her belly; she strained to move against him but his hands firmly gripped her buttocks clamping her to him.  She tasted the wine he had been sipping when she found him on the holodeck, the bitterness of that moment quickly vanquished in the promise of this one.  If ever she wondered why she hadn’t permitted this earlier, it all became perfectly clear in the moments before she lost the ability to think.  Kathryn had known if she ever gave in, she would lose herself in him and now she was sinking in a sea of need and nothing mattered but the man in her arms.

Chakotay relished the feel of her in his arms, the small fingers of one hand trailing through his hair, the other tracing the muscles of his back.  She struggled against him but he held her fast knowing if she moved her hips he could never hold back.  He wanted to hold her, go on kissing her all night but he needed to break away, needed to regain control.

Chakotay stepped back, breaking contact and easing out of the kiss.  He held her hands to keep her from clutching him; she moaned.  Opening slowly, her eyes held silent questions as he led her to the couch.

“Kathryn.?”  He started to question her, but the uncertainty he found in her eyes stopped him.

Pulling free of him, she dropped her head and covered her face with her hands.  He watched her deep slow breaths and knew she was striving for the same control he was.  Chakotay waited until she raised her head up to look at him, then tried to speak but she silenced him with a shake of her head.

“Chakotay.”  She finally spoke, her eyes closely watching his reaction. “I know you must have a million questions.  This has taken you by surprise but I have only one, so I’ll go first.”  She paused until he nodded for her to continue.  “Are you willing to sign on for life?”  He stared at her unsure of what she was asking and she smiled awkwardly at his confusion.  “Chakotay, I love you, but I won’t settle for less then all of you, so if you don’t want that -- walk away now.”

Chakotay didn’t answer so she got up and walked back to the viewport.   Watching the stars, she hugged herself wondering how something that felt so right could turn out to be so wrong.  It only took him a minute to recover but to Kathryn it was at least a lifetime before she felt his arms wrap around her.  Chakotay pulled her back against him, kissing her hair and watching her reflection in the viewport.

“I love you, Kathryn.”  He breathed softly into her ear.  “Where do I sign?”

The End.

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