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“Captain, the reports indicate that Voyager is badly damaged, less than half her crew survived the transfer, which is far fewer than needed to run a ship this size efficiently.  We have fifty prisoners for which deck nine is currently serving as a temporary brig.  We are 70,000 light years from Earth with very limited resources, no back up and what appears to be an immediate threat from this Kazon sect.”  Tuvok stood in the ready room as the Captain paced.

“And is that the good news, Mr. Tuvok?”  She turned to face him, shaking her head at his formal stoic stance.


“Tuvok, my friend, it is good to have you back.”  She crossed over and put her hand on his arm; a gesture she knew he only tolerated because of their long-standing friendship.

“I welcome the opportunity to serve with you, also.”

“Thank you.”  She understood this to be a great compliment coming from Tuvok.  “Now, tell me about this Maquis crew.  Can we utilize them?”

“They are difficult to control, tend to be unruly and severely lacking in discipline.”

“Yes, I expected that.  Can their captain control them?”

“Captain Chakotay is well respected among his people.  They will follow his lead.”

“Good that’s where we need to start.”  She returned to her pacing.  “I assume you agree then, that we need to incorporate the Maquis into our crew, in order to run this ship if we’re to have any hope of returning home.”  She stopped and looked at him.

“It is the only logical choice, Captain.  We need not only the extra crew, but the talents they possess, if we are to be successful.”

“Good, then I’ll start with the captain.  Have him brought to me.”  She moved to the replicator.  “Coffee, black.”

“Aye, Captain.”

“Dismissed.”  She sat behind her desk; she needed to collect herself before dealing with the rebel Captain.

Captain Janeway read over the file again.  This man had a fine career in Starfleet before joining the Maquis.  At first, it seemed such a waste but after rereading the file she began to understand it was a matter of honor.  This man was not merely a rebel; he was a freedom fighter, fighting for a cause, not just against one.  She studied the picture.  Well, at least he wasn’t hard to look at; if she needed to sit next to him for the next seventy years that would certainly help.  And there was no denying the attraction on both sides.  Why you could almost see it in the air when he beamed onto her bridge.  That could prove useful in many ways; seventy years is a long time.

“Come.”  She answered the chime unconsciously straightening her uniform as she stood behind her desk.

“Captain.”  Tuvok entered followed by the Maquis captain and two security guards.

“Thank you, Mr. Tuvok.”  The captain nodded their dismissal and a reluctant Tuvok followed the guards out.  “Captain, please have a seat.”  She watched him silently take the chair in front of her desk.  “I’m having coffee, may I get you something?”

“Tea, please.”  He watched her as she replicated their beverages.  Well, she was a more compassionate jailer than the Cardassians already and better looking.  He wondered what she was up to.  “Thank you.”  She nodded and took her seat behind the desk. “I assume you didn’t just invite me for tea; what do you want?”

“Direct, I think I like that.”  She smiled

“I try to be.”  He liked that little crooked smile and they way she tilted her head.  “So?”

“I don’t know how much you were able about to detect about our situation before you sacrificed your ship.” She sipped her coffee.

“I know we are far from home, probably too far to travel in our lifetime.  Your ship is badly damaged, though in better shape than the Liberty was on a good day.”  He chuckled, giving her a glimpse of his dimples.  “And although I don’t have an exact count, I suspect you suffered the same kind of heavy losses that I did with my crew.  Other than that you will have to enlighten me.”

“Pretty accurate summary.  And since we now both have smaller crews and only one badly damaged ship, I want to make you an offer.  I propose we work together.”

“What makes you think I will work with you?”  He leaned closer setting his cup on her desk.

“It’s preferable to being confined to deck nine for the next seventy years.”

“True, but how do you know you can trust us?”

“I don’t.”  She sat back giving him that crooked smile again.  “I have, however, gone over all of your records; your personal Starfleet file most extensively.  It’s really quite impressive…”

“For an outlaw?”

“A freedom fighter.”

“Is that how you see me?”

“Isn’t it how you see yourself?” She picked up the file.  “You resignation makes your reasons more than clear.”

“How do you know it wasn’t a ploy; a Maquis trick?”

“Captain, we both know there is only so much you can learn about a given situation in here.”  She tapped the padds on her desk.  “The rest comes from the gut.  And my gut says to trust you.”

“So it’s a physical reaction?”  He laughed when he noticed her blush.

“That’s a discussion for another time.”  She replicated refills and returned to sit across from him.  “Are you willing to listen?”

“Now or then?”

“First things first, Captain.”

“All right.  What do you have in mind?”

“I want to blend our crews.  Form one crew, Starfleet.  I insist on running a Starfleet ship.”

“Which do you insist on – running it or Starfleet?”

“Both.”  She put down her coffee and leaned over the desk.  “First I have to know, are you with me?”

“Just what is my position on this Starfleet vessel?”

“You will be my First Officer.”

“I won’t be your puppet, appointed to keep the Maquis in line.”  He leaned closer.  “I will be the second in command, no exceptions.”


“And the Vulcan?”

“Mr. Tuvok will understand the logic.  I need you.”  She locked her eyes with his.  “You have the training, the experience, you merit the rank of Commander, therefore you would out rank him and yes, you can help the Maquis to acclimate to their new surrounding.”

“You mean keep them in line.”

“If it becomes necessary.”

“And my crew?”

Our crew, Commander.”

“Not so fast.”  He stood and walked to the view port; a fine sight in those leather pants.  “I will need a list your losses, I will supply you with one of my own.  When we have had time to consider them, we can decide together on positions for the rest of my crew.”

Our crew, Commander.  I will supply you with the necessary information and consider your recommendations.”

“We will supply each other with information, and together we will reassign our crew to the best suited positions.”  He came back and leaned on her desk.  “I will not be your token Maquis officer.  I have some very capable and talented crewmen; we need to utilize all our available talent.”

“I couldn’t agree more, but we will be a Starfleet ship and I will not tolerate anyone, no matter how capable, who can not follow the rules.”

“Agreed.”  He sat down.  “Send the information to my office and I will update your files on my crew and send you detailed reports as soon as I have had a chance to inform them of their pending status change.”

“I suggest you make that your priority.  I will speak to them after we have determined exactly what those changes entail.  You’ll need a uniform.  You can replicate one in your quarters and I will have the information transferred to your office by the time you are properly dressed.”  She stood and walked around the desk.  “Computer status update authorization Janeway pi alpha.  Captain Chakotay of the Maquis has been reinstated in Starfleet with the rank of Commander and  assigned as first officer of the USS Voyager.  Transfer all of Commander Cavit’s command codes to Commander Chakotay effective immediately.”  She handed him a padd.  “You will find all the necessary details here."

As he took the padd his hand lingered on hers, his eyes boring into her until she blushed; neither turned away.

"Janeway to Tuvok."

"Yes, Captain."

"Mr. Tuvok, Commander Chakotay has accepted the position of first officer, effective immediately.  Please inform security of his new status.  I will have general announcement for the crew later in the day."

"Aye, Captain.  Tuvok out."

"Welcome aboard, Commander.”

“Thank you, Captain.”

“Care to direct me to my new quarters?”

“You will find them on deck three section 303.  We are neighbors.  Dismissed, Commander.” She watched him walk away; this would be a most interesting seventy years.


Chakotay made his first stop deck nine.  It was his last official act as Captain Chakotay; to inform his former crew of his decision to join forces with Captain Janeway.  He knew the reactions would not be entirely positive.  Hell, he figured they would be down right hostile.  He also knew that realistically they were out of options and joining Janeway's crew at least gave them some say in their futures.  He made his way into the middle of the crowd that congregated the minute he stepped off the lift.

 "As most of you already know, I have just come from a conference with Captain Janeway.   Together, we have made some preliminary decisions concerning the future of both our crews."  He waited for the initial rumblings to die down.  “I have agreed to become Voyager’s first officer and….”  The murmuring grew louder.  “I will be meeting with the Captain later to discuss the proper placement for the rest of you.”

 “Traitor.”  Jonas couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Shut up, Mike, let him finish.”  Seska shoved Jonas aside and moved up next to Chakotay. “Tell us the real plan.”  She reached an arm around his waist but he sidestepped and moved away from her.

“OK, Chak. What gives?”  B’Elanna knew he was serious, but she didn’t understand why.

“I’m not working for no Federation bitch.”  Suder pushed his way through the crowd, a few others nodding and muttering their agreement.

“Fine, rot in her brig for seventy years.”  Chakotay strained to remain calm.  “I for one want a say in how I spend the rest of my life.”

“Like she’s going to let that happen.”  Seska moved closer again.

“You think we can trust her?”  Ayala moved past Seska

“I don’t think we have much choice.”  Chakotay placed a hand on Ayala’s shoulder. “She doesn’t have to offer us anything at all.”

“She must need something or she wouldn’t offer us anything.”  B’Elanna trusted almost no one, certainly not a Starfleet officer.

“She does.  Voyager has sustained a lot of damage.  She lost half her crew including her first officer and her chief engineer.  She needs bodies to run this ship; she needs our skills and our cooperation.”

“And what?  She made you first officer cause of your fleet record?!  Please, she made you first officer to keep us in line.”  B’Elanna scoffed.

“Both, I’m sure.  She needs our help but she isn’t stupid.  It isn’t going to be easy to blend these two crews and she’s going to need my help to do it successfully.

“So you get a fancy job and big quarters and the rest of us we get what?”   Seska stood directly in front of him hands on her hips.  “Are you fucking her already, Chakotay?  Is that why you caved so easily?”

“Captain!”  Ayala grabbed Chakotay’s arm before his hand connected with Seska, moving closer he lowered his voice.  “Hey, don’t let her do that to you.”  Chakotay nodded, taking a breath to regain control and Ayala spoke up.  “Why don’t you all just shut up and listen.  Most of us have met the Cardassians; the Federation is definitely the lesser evil.  At least hear him out.” He glanced in Chakotay’s direction to make sure he was ready.

“You already know the situation.  We are 70,000 light years from Earth in unknown hostile territory with no ship, no weapons and little else but the clothes on our backs.  We are currently prisoners of the Federation.  The Captain, in her current situation, has every right to space the lot of us.  It just isn’t practical to keep fifty prisoners when you aren’t even sure how to feed your own crew.  We are in a bad position but so is she.  Voyager is badly damaged and these Kazons are none too friendly.  We can work with Janeway and maybe survive this together or we can stay here defenseless and hope what’s left of her crew and her ship can protect us.”

“Her crew will never accept us.”

“That’s her problem and she believes they will follow orders and cooperate.  She’ll keep the Starfleet crew in line and I promised to keep you in line, if it becomes necessary.”

“And if we choose not to follow you?”  Ken Darby spoke up.

“Choose it now and plan on spending your life in the brig; choose it later and answer directly to me.  This is not a democracy; it never was on the Liberty and  it won’t be here.”  He studied the faces around him, there would be more trouble but he was sure most of them would see the logic in his choice, except of course Seska.  “I have to change, I have a meeting with the Captain.”  He started to leave.

“Gotta be a pretty little pet Maquis?”  Seska taunted.

“Seska, don’t push me.  I came here to inform you of my decision, not to get your approval.  If you must know, I need to change into my uniform.  I have already accepted the position as first officer and my Starfleet commission has already been reinstated.  I need to update the Captain on this meeting and issue recommendations for your futures.”


“She’s the Captain, the decision is ultimately hers.  I will do my best to convince her to best utilize your talents; don’t give me reason to regret it.”

Chakotay heard the muttering behind him as he entered the lift.  Most of them were good soldiers they would follow orders; some would be trouble.  He planned on informing the captain, which was which.  Chakotay ordered the lift to deck three and entered Cavit’s code.  Well, this was definitely a step up, he had two rooms and a bath; the bathroom alone was bigger than his quarters on the liberty.  Their accommodations on deck nine had been comfortable, but in comparison this was a luxury suite.  He wondered what her quarters were like.

Someone had taken care to remove Cavit’s things, the closets were empty and but the bathroom was equipped with the necessary basic items.  He had both a sonic and a water shower and the fresh towels made the decision an easy one.  Life on a modern star ship was pretty cushy, well compared to life on the run.  He stripped off his leather clothing, refreshing it and hanging it in the closet – just in case.  After a hot shower he replicated himself a sandwich and a new uniform; no problems so far.

“Computer please identify these quarters.”


“OK, just checking.”  Chakotay chuckled and dressed for his meeting.

Chakotay left his quarters, stopping only long enough to change the entry code.  He was
feeling out of place in red and black; it had been a long time.  He passed two crewmen who immediately saluted him; Janeway was right, she had a well-disciplined crew.

“Bridge.”  He ordered the lift.  One more little test, if he was truly the first officer he would arrive at the bridge if not access would be denied.  The lift opened on the bridge.

Tuvok immediately vacated the center chair, but Chakotay waved him back.

“I’ll be in my office, Mr. Tuvok.”  Tuvok nodded and Chakotay proceeded to his office; no one on the bridge seemed ruffled by it.

Chakotay had no problem accessing the terminal and all the information the Captain promised was there.  He quickly updated her files on his current crew and forwarded them to her ready room.  A few hours later when he felt he had a good handle on their current situation he hailed her.

“Chakotay to Janeway.”

“Yes, Commander”

“Captain, I have familiarized myself with our current situation and prepared recommendations for crew placement. Shall I forward them to you.”

“Yes, Commander.  Forward them to the ready room, then…. Commander, have you eaten lunch?”

“No, Captain.”

“Would you care to join me in the mess hall?  I think it wise to let the crew see us working together.”

“Sounds reasonable.”

“Good, I’ll meet you on the bridge in ten minutes.”

“Aye, Captain, Chakotay out.”

The Captain exited the ready room to find Chakotay waiting.  He nodded; she smiled and wondered if he thought she kept him waiting on purpose.— she had.

“Mr. Tuvok, the Commander and I will be in the mess hall on deck two, if we are needed.”  She turned and stepped into the lift; Chakotay followed.  “Deck two.”

They replicated lunch and found a spot where they were visible yet separated from the crew.

“Do you normally eat with the crew?”

“I have been known to, but it tends to make them uncomfortable to have the captain around, so normally, no.”  She sipped her coffee, ignoring her lunch.  “I normally eat in my private dining room or my quarters and you?”

“Things are a bit different on most Maquis ships.”  He laughed.  “We didn’t have the luxury of private dining and generally our quarters were barely big enough to turn around in.”

“Well, I’m afraid that soon the question won’t be where to eat, but what to eat.  Our energy supplies are quite limited.”

“We’ll have to institute some form of rationing, while we search for other solutions.”

“My thinking exactly.”  She toyed with her lunch, moving more than she tasted.  “How was your meeting?”

“Pretty much as expected.  We will have trouble with some, most will come to terms with it.  It’s all in my report.”

“Yes, I glanced over it.”  She looked around the room at her crew going about their normal day.  “Have any trouble with the Starfleet side?”

“No, Captain, you have an amazingly well disciplined crew.  If they object to me, I haven’t noticed it.”

“I’m sure some do, but they too will come to terms with it.”

They finished their lunch in quiet conversation.  The crew looked on, but took their cue from the Captain and, at least outwardly, calmly accepted the new first officer.

“Bridge.”  The Captain ordered the lift.  “You should relieve Mr. Tuvok, while I review your recommendations.  When he returns from lunch we can go over them.

“Aye, Captain.”

The Captain crossed directly to her ready room leaving the Commander to handle the change in command.  He had supplied her with very detailed reports and she wanted to study them before reviewing the recommendations with him.  She had barely finished the report when the door chimed.

“Come.”  She came around the desk, carrying several padds.  “Why don’t we sit on the couch?”  She put the padds on the table and moved to the replicator.  “Tea?”

“Yes, thank you.”  He smiled, she learns fast, he liked that.

“Some interesting choices here, Commander.”  She handed him his tea, taking a seat beside him.

“I was working with a knowledge of my people and your assessment of your losses.”  He sipped the tea.  “Your losses were in four basic areas, security, engineering, sickbay and the bridge.  Unfortunately, I have no doctor or anyone even close, another luxury we did without.  I have already taken the position of first officer and I have some fair pilots among my crew.  Security and engineering are the main stay of an organization like the Maquis—maybe not by the book stuff, but straight forward and they get the job done.”

“You have worked with Tuvok.  Do you foresee any problems with any of these people working closely with him?”

“It’s exactly why I recommended Ayala for a position of authority.  He has worked with Tuvok and although they will never be friends, they have a grudging respect for each other.”  He sipped his tea hoping to give her a chance to absorb his words.  “You have a problem with a Maquis in a high level security position?”

“Is that a challenge, Commander?”  She snapped at him without thinking, then sipped her coffee to regain control.  “I have a problem with referring to these crewmembers as Maquis”

“Well,…”  He laughed.  “no disrespect intended here, Captain, but – get over it.”

“Commander, I don’t find this funny.”  A smile slipped across her face at the obvious pleasure on his.

“Really?”  He laughed and she joined him.  “Look, for now it is easier for you and me to differentiate the crews.”  She nodded.  “And honestly, both sides will be thinking that, whether or not they actually use the terms, for a long time to come.  It’s part of who we are; when I take off this uniform, underneath I am still Maquis.  It’s not the evil you have been lead to believe it is.”

“That's good to know.  I agree with your assessment, but I also believe the crew will follow our example and once we leave this room we must make every effort to see them as one crew.”  She refilled their cups.  “The stronger our relationship, the easier these changes will be for our crew.

“I have no objection to a close relationship with you.”  He watched her fuss with the cups, the tips of her ears were pink; he thought she would ignore him.

“We will be living and working very closely together for the next seventy years; I expect it will be one of the most intimate relationships a captain and first officer ever enjoyed.”  She looked up at him with that calm professional captain’s mask, which directly contradicted her pink cheeks.  “Now, Ayala.  His training is a bit unconventional, but we did take heavy losses in security and Tuvok needs a strong second in command.  If you feel certain he can handle it, the job is his.”

“Mike’s a good man, Captain.  He even holds me in check from time to time.  You won’t regret it.”

“Like this morning?”  The look on her face told him she hadn’t meant to say it out loud.

“So you know about that?”

“I received a report that you had a little difficulty handling one of your crew and Ayala stepped in.”


“Yes, and since we are here.”  She scanned through the padd.  “You don’t speak highly of her in this report.  In your words ‘she is a pretty fair engineer but has been know to bend the situation to fit her needs and bears watching.’.”

“Yes, Seska is self serving.   I’m not sure she can be trusted.”

“Yet you used to trust her.”

“So your research is thorough.”  He thought about denying it but decided on brutal honesty.  “Actually, no.  I don’t think I ever trusted her.  She was a convenient warm body and a damn good lay but I wouldn’t trust her and I certainly wouldn’t advise you to.  However, we are stuck with her at the moment so we might as well use her skills.”  Looking up he knew he had shocked her with his response, her controlled mask slipping just a bit.  “I was, Captain, referring to her engineering skills.”  The mask cracked with his last remark and she burst out laughing.

“So, we are quite clear on crewmen Seska.  I’m sure we can provide adequate supervision.”  She scanned the padd again.  “Henley and Carlson are your best pilots?”

“Other than myself and probably Torres, yes.  Neither has ever flown a ship this size.”

“Voyager isn’t that big a ship.  Though it certainly can make a difference, size really doesn’t matter.”  She looked up, catching the surprised  look on his face and laughed.  “We’re talking about flying a starship here, Commander.”

“Yes, of course, Captain.”  He tried to hide his smile behind his cup

“Mr. Paris can institute a training program to familiarize them with Voyager.”


“Yes, I intend to make Paris our chief helmsman.  Do you have a problem with that?”

“Yes, I believe I do.  I can’t work with Paris.”

 “You will learn.”  She waved the padds at him.

“He’s arrogant and undisciplined and has a real problem with authority”

“And he is the best damned pilot we have, so get over it.  I expect you to put aside your personal dislike and bring him in line.”  She put the padds on the table.  “I believe that put the rest of the former Maquis in engineering, in varying capacities.”

“Yes, but we haven’t discussed Torres.”

“I haven’t overlooked you recommendation.  I’m just not sure what to make of it.”

“B’Elanna is…”

“I suggest we assign her to engineering, where the senior officer is currently Mr. Carey and hold off on choosing a new chief until we have discussed this further.  Right now we need to assign quarters and inform our new crewmembers of their new status.”

“I won’t give up on this.  Torres is the best damned engineer I have ever worked with and we will all suffer if we don’t utilize her talents.”

“I didn’t expect that you would.”  She handed him another pad.  “These are the available quarters.  I would suggest for the time being that we don’t mix the crews in assigning roommates, the quarters themselves, however, are scattered through out the ship, we will not be segregating them.  You know these people better, therefore I assume you can match them up with a compatible roommate.”

“Will you be going with me to speak to them?”

“Yes, unless you think that is ill advised.”

“You’re the Captain.  They might as well get used to it from the start.”  He rose taking the padd with him.  “This won’t take me more than twenty minutes.  We can have them settled in by tonight.”

“Good.  Call when you’re ready.”

Chakotay nodded and left the ready room.  He never waited to be dismissed, a small oversight for her first officer but she could manage to live with it.

True to his word it was barely twenty minutes when Chakotay let her know he was ready.  Together they headed to deck nine.  The Captain let Chakotay hand out rooming assignments to a mostly silent crew. Kathryn looked over her new crew.  Ayala, she noticed kept a close eye on them, too.  If his calm exterior were her guide, she would say Chakotay had made a good choice in him.  Chakotay went on to explain that they would each receive work assignments over the next few days and would be free to move to their new quarters as soon as the Captain dismissed them.  B’Elanna paced, unable to contain both her anger and her energy.  Several of the men whose names Kathryn didn’t yet associate with faces lurked uncertainly in the background.  Chakotay told them they would all be issued uniforms when their work assignments had been confirmed and turned them over to the Captain.”

“I won’t keep you.  Commander Chakotay has given you all the pertinent information.”  She watched their faces, on some she saw open hostility.  If looks could kill, Seska would have finished her off by now; she would definitely keep her eyes on that one.  “I just wanted to personally welcome each of you to our crew.”  She smiled but no one returned it.  “Dismissed.”  No one moved.  “You are free to find your new quarters now.”

“You mean I can just walk right past that guard and he won’t try to stop me?”  B’Elanna was the first to speak up.

“Yes, you are free to go.”  The Captain held her smile in place.  Still no one moved but at least this one had the gumption to speak up.

“I can go to this deck 4 section 473  and what?”  B’Elanna checked the padd she was holding.

“I would hope you will try to become comfortable in your new surrounding.”  The Captain looked at the uncertain faces.  “Your quarters are equipped with replicators so you can request any personal items you may need.”

“Replicator, huh?”  B’Elanna looked around for reinforcement at the nodding heads she continued.  “So I could say replicate a --- phaser?”  B’Elanna noticed Chakotay stiffen out of the corner of her eye but she kept her eyes glued to the Captain’s.

“I supposed you could, but we are a little short of energy right now so I would ask that you replicate only what you really need.”  She glanced around.  “Here, Ms. Torres.”  She drew out her phaser and tossed it to B’Elanna   “If you think you need one, take mine.”

B’Elanna caught the phaser; turning it over in her hands, the engineer in her quickly determined it was operable.  She looked up at Chakotay, who still had said nothing; he just watched.  She looked back at Seska who was gleaming at her with an evil stare, then she walked over to the Captain.

“Thank you, Captain.”  She handed the phaser back.  “But I don’t think I’ll be needing this right now.”  The Captain nodded.  “I guess I’ll go check this out now, thanks”

B’Elanna walked away and slowly the others followed.  The command team just stood silently, side by side, watching them go.

“Giving ‘B’Ella that phaser was very Maquis of you, Captain.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you, Commander.”  She smiled

“It was meant to be.” The last of his crew boarded the lift.

“Commander, join me in my quarters for dinner?”  They were both still looking down the corridor.

“Is that a request or an order, Captain?”

“A request, Chakotay.  Just an informal meal shared by …”   Kathryn paused looking up at him, she tilted her head showing him the crooked smile.  “-friends?”

“It’s a start, Kathryn.”  He smiled and offered her his arm.  “A very good start.”

 The End

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