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After the week she had just suffered through, Kathryn was truly looking forward to the short respite her weekly massage appointment with the doctor would provide.  Their weekly appointments had begun as part of her recovery from injuries she had received during one her less stellar games of velocity. The very idea made her laugh, all the battles, all the shuttle crashes and she does her most permanent damage playing a game.  Well, she’d won the game that had been uppermost in her mind; she hated losing especially to Seven.

Kathryn bit her lip and leaned against the side of the lift.  Losing to Seven, prophetic words if rumor was to be believed, but she was the Captain she didn’t believe ship’s rumors.  Or did she?  Surely he would have told her, wouldn’t he?  Just what would he say?  I’ve moved on. Or maybe   Captain, I’ve dumped you for the hot young body attached to your stiff, cold, emotionally unavailable astrometrics officer.

The lift stopped and Kathryn straightened up.  It wouldn’t do to have anyone see her slumped against the wall feeling sorry for herself.  Kathryn noticed the program wasn’t running yet, the doctor was even later than she was; it would save her a lecture.  She slipped into the small changing room on the side of holodeck two and began to undress.   Kathryn folded her clothes and reached for a robe; it wasn’t there. Of course, the program wasn’t running –no program no robe—she grabbed a sheet and wrapped it loosely around herself.

“Doctor to Captain Janeway.”

“Yes, doctor.”

“I’m sorry Captain, I have run into a small problem here, I will be unable to keep our appointment today.”

“Anything serious, Doctor?”

“Nothing I can’t handle, Captain”

“Fine we’ll reschedule.”

“Thank you, Captain.  Doctor out.”

Kathryn looked around at the gray and yellow grid.  What now?  She still had two hours to herself, she could always have the holographic clinician give her a massage.

“Computer, run the clinical therapy program--- belay that.”  Kathryn grinned.  “Computer run Pineapple Day spa.  Engage privacy lock.”

 Kathryn smiled as the room came alive around her.  This program was designed for days like today.  Days when she was tired and achy, and feeling just a little bit sorry for herself.  Those days when she needed to be pampered, when she needed to feel like a woman.

Kathryn started out with a facial, moved on to a pedicure, a manicure and long soak in a hot whirlpool.  She enjoyed scented candles, soothing music and several cool glasses of wine. This was the kind of treatment every weary Starship captain need.  She giggled at the thought of Jean Luc at the spa.

With little over an hour left Kathryn reluctantly forced her self out of the warm water, grabbed her sheet and headed to her favorite room.  He was there waiting, ever bit as handsome as she remembered.  He was tall and bronze, his long dark hair ended just above where the sleeveless shirt exposed his muscled arms.  When he saw her he smiled, his deep blue eyes warming her in a glance.

“Kathryn, good to see you.  I thought you had forgotten me.”

“Never, Robert.”  Kathryn smiled as she studied the young man.  “How could I ever forget you and those magical hands.”


Chakotay hesitated outside holodeck two and considered his options.  Kathryn had engaged the privacy lock, only he and Tuvok could over ride it and normally neither one would disturb her unless there was an emergency. This was not an emergency but he did need her input on this and he needed it before morning.  He was going off duty in twenty minutes and he had a date with Seven shortly after that. It was now or never.  Still he hated to disturb her, but she was only having her weekly massage with the doctor too much time with him and Kathryn might welcome the interruption. He keyed in his override.

Chakotay looked around, this wasn’t the clinical setting the Doctor preferred, maybe Kathryn had finally worn him down.  He smiled at the appraising looks he got from several of the young holographic women as he made his way through the program.  He stopped outside the door marked massage therapy.

Feeling slightly foolish, and a little nervous at interrupting her,  he gently pushed the door back.  The room was dimly lit by flickering candle light.  The soft light and gentle music gave it a warm sensuous feel, this couldn’t be right.  As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Chakotay’s attention was drawn to the center of the room by a low moan. There in front of him was a tall muscular young man, his dark hands gliding along the soft curve of porcelain white skin.  The woman on the table moaned again as the strong dark fingers traveled upward from the edge of the sheet that fell just below the dimples at the base of her spine.

It took Chakotay several seconds to register what he was looking at. This was not just another part of the program, the very naked woman on the table was Kathryn.

“Computer freeze program.”

“What the hell?”  Kathryn pulled the sheet around her as she turned to face the intruder.  “This had better be damn good, Mister!”

“Who the hell is he?”  Chakotay stepped closer to the table examining the frozen hologram.

“He is my masseuse.”  Kathryn laughed suddenly enjoying the shocked expression on her first officer’s face.

“What happened to the doctor?”  He demanded.

“The doc couldn’t make ….”  Kathryn’s anger suddenly flared. “What the hell does it matter?”

“What does …?  Kathryn, I come in here expecting to find you receiving therapeutic treatment from the doctor and I find you – naked over there with this pumped up …pumped up…Look at him!”

“Oh, believe me I have.”  Kathryn smiled as she inspected the stilled hologram.

“I can’t believe this.  Kathryn, what would the crew think?”

“You are not serious?!” She climbed off the table pulling the sheet tightly around her; she couldn't believe how he was reacting.  “They might think their captain was finally feeling like a woman! And I think they just might think it’s about god damned time!”

Kathryn left Chakotay standing with his mouth open as she stormed out of the room and called for an exit.  It wasn’t until she was safely in the lift on her way to deck three that she realized she still wore only the sheet.  She thanked the spirits it wasn’t holograpic.

Chakotay looked around in disbelief.  Kathryn had just walked out on him and he wanted to punch a hologram.  He still needed her approval and he had a date in half an hour, he really needed to get out of here.

“Computer end program.”

The spa, holographic masseuse included, disappeared.  As Chakotay made his way to the door he noticed Kathryn’s uniform.  Well it must have been an interesting trip home, he thought as he picked up the uniform and left the holodeck.


“I’m telling you, B’E, she was wearing a sheet.”

“Tom, I think you have been sniffing the plasma residue.”

“I saw what I saw …”  As they rounded the corner, Tom stopped and pointed “and take a look at that.”

Chakotay stood outside the Captain’s door not so patiently waiting, her uniform neatly folded in his hand.

Tom pushed B’Elanna back against the wall.

“Kathryn, let me in.” Chakotay rang the chime again.  “I’ll over ride this lock too, if I have to.”

The door slid back, two hands reached out and snatched the uniform.  Chakotay pushed his way inside before the door closed again.

“I told you she came home with out it.”  Tom smirked.

“Interesting.”  B’Elanna shook her head.  “Now, lets go before we get caught.”

‘But ..”

“But nothing.  Whatever it is, is none of our business and I for one enjoy my rank.”

“Was there a reason you began this staking mission, Commander?”  Kathryn glared at her unwelcome guest and tightened the belt on her bathrobe.

“I..” Chakotay suddenly remembered why he had gone to the holodeck to find her.  “I needed your approval.”  He handed her the padd.

“Fine.”  She placed her thumbprint on the padd without even glancing at it.  “Now, get out!”

“I think you owe me an explanation.”

“I owe YOU and explanation?!  You override my privacy lock and invade my private program and you think I owe YOU and explanation?” Kathryn turned her back on him.

“I needed the Captain’s approval.  I entered what should have been a clinical program to get that approval and what do I find?  I find you naked!”

“I was having a massage.  Do you get your massages in uniform?” Kathryn threw her uniform on the couch and turned back to face him.

“A massage? You were moaning under the hands of that – that….”  He moved closer his voice low but strong.

“Hologram!  Chakotay, He – is – a – Hologram!”  Kathryn placed her hands on her hips and stepped closer.

“You have a certain reputation for holograms.”  Chakotay hissed.

“That’s pretty low coming from Mr. any blonde will do!”  Kathryn poked her finger into his chest.

“You are behaving like a school girl.”  He was standing so close he could feel her breathing.

“At least I’m not dating one!” She glared at him, the finger she has poked him with unconsciously moving across his chest.

“If a certain redhead didn’t prefer photons and force fields ….” He stopped as Kathryn’s hands slowly climbed up his chest and reached around his neck.

“She doesn’t.”  The anger left her voice, her breath was husky and warm against his face.  Kathryn’s eyes fell to the moist full lips only inches away; she raised up on her toes.

Chakotay closed his eyes.  He could feel his heart beating, her fingers slowly moving on the back of his neck; this couldn’t be real.

“Kathryn.”  He opened his eyes and she slowly raised hers to meet them.

Chakotay’s hands came up to touch her, cradling her face; she pressed closer.  With a slow almost imperceptible movement he lowered his lips until they barely touched hers.  She didn’t push away; instead he felt her tremble and it sent a shiver down his spine.

Kathryn’s head was spinning, he moved slowly, gently until she thought she would die waiting.  She needed to touch him, to taste him. Kathryn’s tongue slipped out, lightly tracing his slowly parting lips, dipping in to taste him until her tongue brushed his and she felt her knees weaken.

Chakotay heard the throaty moan, he felt her knees buckle as he pulled her closer.  He felt himself hard against her belly the slight movement of her hips taking away what breath he had left. He began a slow separation. His tongue move from hers, his mouth eased closed, he backed away leaving a trail of moist kisses on her upturned face. Chakotay held her shoulders as he steadied her on her feet.  Then he turned and walked toward the door.

“Where the hell are you going?”  Kathryn tried to force the anger back into her voice.

“I have to break my date.”  Chakotay looked back over his shoulder.  “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be waiting.”  Kathryn took a deep breath. “Bring some oils, you owe me a massage.”

The End

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