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Second Place in PC In short

Rated: PG

They had disagreed over her decision to release the prisoner into the custody of the enforcers.  He hadn’t questioned her openly when she presented the idea to the senior staff, but the look he gave her clearly indicated his discomfort. Chakotay didn’t think it was necessarily wrong but he definitely thought it was premature.  She listened to other opinions, both pro and con, from the other staff members and then he asked to speak with her privately.  They spent an hour in the ready room before returning.

When they did return the Captain informed the senior staff that the prisoner would be surrendered at 0800 hours.  Voyager would then be free to resume her journey home.  He sat gravely and silently at her side.

It wasn’t the first time they had a professional disagreement and certainly it wouldn’t be the last, but the crew often wondered how their personal relationship withstood the strain.  She was after all, the Captain and the final word was ultimately hers.  Not that she didn’t listen to his opinions and objections and occasionally she did reverse her stance but always, in the end, the power was hers.

It was late when the Captain dismissed the meeting; Gamma Shift was taking over the bridge as they crossed to the lift for a quiet ride to deck three.  To the relief of most of the staff, the command team bid them goodnight outside the Captain’s quarters and disappeared inside together.

The door closed behind them and they did what they always did—left as much of their day outside as they possibly could.  They would always be the two most senior officers and always carry that responsibility, but within these wall they did their best to be Kathryn and Chakotay.

Kathryn went straight to the bedroom and stripped away the captain; she needed to be free of today’s stresses, if only for a little while.  She was brushing out her hair when he joined her, his uniform already discarded. Kathryn let her head drop forward as strong hands massaged away the tension in her neck.  She turned to face him and he bent to capture her lips in a tender but passionate kiss.

She wondered, briefly, if their crew had any idea how easily he could control her; who really held the power in this relationship.  His mouth was moving down her neck, nipping, sucking, her knees were weak, and Kathryn marveled at how quickly he could render her powerless- then there was no more room for thought.

They made love, slowly, leisurely, each striving to give more than they received until the overload of physical and emotional pleasure sent them spiraling through the stars. Finally, they curled together sated and sleepy.

“I wonder if the crew has any idea of the power you hold over me.”  He whispered to the sleeping woman in his arms. “I wonder if you do?  You think your power comes from what you do to me—and know that that is wonderful beyond belief.  But your real power lies in what I do to you—what you allow me to do—your marvelous responsiveness to my touch, that’s where you render me truly helpless.   I would give up anything to see you like that.  Those special moments when you have given me total control, trusting me completely, giving yourself up to me, it's then that you have absolute power.

The End

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