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Note: This is my response to the rumor that Seven explores her sexuality with a holoimage of the Commander, written before the show aired

Rated PG

“Kim to Chakotay.”  The comm. ripped through the silence of the darkened room.

“Chakotay here, Mr. Kim.”  A groggy voice answered.

“Commander, can you come to the Holodeck?”

“Now, Mr. Kim?  It is….”  He struggled to clear his, sleep fogged, mind and checked the chronometer. “0330.”

“I think it would be best, Commander.”

“Alright Harry, on my way.”  He swung his feet to the floor, ran his hand over his face and tried to imagine what could be so wrong on the holodeck, that he needed to go there at 0330.

Pulling on sweat pants and a tee shirt, he splashed water on his face and headed for deck six.
He found Harry waiting nervously, outside the lab.

“Harry, what’s up?”

“Well, Commander.  I was running a diagnostic on the holoprojectors and I found something you should be aware of.”  Harry blushed.  “Remember when we tried to explain to Seven that using holoimages of the crew, without their permission, in her programs, was unacceptable?”

“When she couldn’t understand grieving and used holoimages of the Captain and Naomi dying? ---yeah, I remember.  So?”

“Well, she's doing it again…”  Harry  gave him a quizzical look.  “At least-- I think she is.”

“I thought she deleted that program?”

“Well—yeah she did, this is, well—it’s different.”  Harry was looking increasingly uncomfortable.

“Harry—it’s late, why don’t you just tell me, so we can get back to bed.”

“Here maybe you should see for yourself.”  Harry moved into the lab.  “Computer display video log of  program Seven Uni-alpha three, as it just finished running in holosuite two..” He stepped to the side so Chakotay could see the screen.

The screen lit up reveling Seven—well not exactly Seven, he guessed from the Captain’s description of Unimatrix Zero, that this was Annika.  She had a softer, more human appearance. Her hair was lose and flowing gently across her shoulders, shoulders which were crossed only by the thinnest strip of material, supporting a soft, silky, very short garment.  As she moved across the dimly lit area, the nearly transparent gown left little to their imaginations.

“Harry.”  Chakotay cleared his throat.  “Umm, We all know using the holodeck for this sort of - personal—activity is frowned on, but …”


“Harry, I get the idea and we really shouldn’t be watching her.  Come on Harry, sure it isn’t allowed by strict interpretation, but be honest, we have all done it.”  He turned toward the door and Harry grabbed his arm, turning him back.  “What?”

“There, that’s what you need to see.”  Harry pointed toward the screen.

Annika had reached the other side of the room, she was standing next to the bed.  From their perspective they could not see the occupant of the bed, only one large hand as it slid up a pale leg and beneath the short gown.



Annika bent to kiss the man, then lowered herself to the bed, stretching out beside him.  They watched as the dark hands slid the light material over her hips and then, tugging it off, discarded it across the foot of the bed.  Both men swallowed hard, as Annika lay completely exposed to them.  The image of large strong hands traveling across the voluptuous body, so captivated him--he almost missed it when the man repositioned himself above her.

“Computer freeze frame.”  Harry choked out.

The sound of Harry’s voice brought him back to reality and with a startled gasp, he realized why Harry called him.  His mind grappled with his body, as he started at himself on the screen.

“Commander.”  Harry touched his arm, to get his attention.

“Oh boy.”  Chakotay ran his hand through his hair, then chuckled.  “Oh boy, now what?”

“That’s why I called you, instead of Tuvok or …” Harry blushed again.

“The Captain?--Oh spirit’s, the Captain.”  He shook his head.  “Yeah thanks, I’ll deal with it.  Computer restrict access to this log, Commander Chakotay only, and delete program Seven Uni-alpha three authorization Chakotay  4 72 beta.”



“Commander, some kind of borg encryption code in there.”

“Should have know—OK, Harry, I’ll handle it from here, thanks.”  He smiled at the younger man, who just shrugged and left the lab.

“Night, Commander.”

“Night, Harry.”


Deciding, partly in self defense, it best not to involve the Captain, in this matter, Chakotay asked Tuvok to cover for him in the morning and arraigned to meet with Seven, in Astrometrics.  Tuvok raised an eyebrow, which Chakotay knew indicated curiosity, but didn’t question him.  Seven seemed to have a little difficulty comprehending the severity of her error, but he felt certain she understood before he left her, to return to the bridge.  It had taken him longer than he planned and Alpha shift had started two hours ago.  It was a relieved to find that he had missed the Captain, as he took the bridge from Tuvok, but he notice a strange expression on Harry’s face.


“Seven.”  The Captain entered the Astrometrics lab.  “What is this you need to see me about?”

“Captain, I have just had a meeting with the Commander and I need clarification.”  She stood looking down, at the smaller woman, hands clasped behind her back.

“Why didn’t you ask the Commander?”  The Captain folded her arms across her chest.

“It is the Commander that has caused the conflict.”

“Alright Seven, what is this about?”

“The doctor has instructed me to explore certain aspects of my humanity.  I constructed a holo program, designed for this purpose.  The Commander has just ordered me to delete it.”

“Why would he do that?”  The Captain was not having a good morning and she was losing patience.

“The Commander deemed my use of his holoimage inappropriate.”

“I see.”  She nodded, resting one hand on her hip and raising the other to her forehead.  “Seven we have covered this before, you can not use holoimages of the crew without their express permission.”

“Yes, Captain, but for this exercise, I determined the Commander to be the most suitable partner.”

“Suitable partner?”

“Yes Captain, I accessed the medical data base and found the Commander best suited to my needs.”

“Seven, you can not just access a persons medical file, you can not use…”  The Captain stopped and looked up at the stubborn blue eyes.  “Your needs?  What needs?  Just what aspect of your humanity have you been --exploring?”  She felt a knot form in the pit of her stomach.

“Sexuality, the doctor felt that I should explore…..”

“Seven!”  She held up her hand to silence her, taking several deep breaths to regain her control, before she finished.  “That is not an appropriate use of the holodeck and certainly not of the Commander’s image.”  She was pacing as she spoke, her hand now pulling through her hair.  “Alright, Seven, I assume you encrypted the program, give me the codes and I will delete it myself.  We can discuss the rest of this later, when I have had a chance to review this and determine the appropriate actions.”

“Yes, Captain.”  Seven entered several lines into a padd and handed it to the Captain.  “Captain, are you angry because I chose the Commander?”

“Seven, you can not just arbitrarily choose to use holoimages of the crew...”

“Yes, Captain, but I sense you would not be angry with me, had I chosen another.”

“Seven, We will discuss this later.”  She turned to go but stopped short of the doors, when Seven spoke again.

“Perhaps later you will also explain, why you do not choose to explore a relationship with the Commander, yet you seek to prevent others from doing so.”

“Seven.”  She spoke through clenched teeth, as she turned back to the younger woman.  “It is not appropriate for us to discuss the Commander’s personal life….”

“I was not asking about the Commander, his intentions are clear.  It is you I was curious about.”

“Seven, I’m not sure that would be an appropriate discussion either.  I’m going to delete this program and I will contact you, when I am ready to continue with this.”  She spun around and exited before Seven could object again.

She didn’t even notice the number of crewmen who quickly removed themselves from her path, as she stormed her way to the holodeck.  Her mind was whirling around Seven’s last comments.  Was that what she did—hold him at bay and yet prevent him from having other relationships?  She didn’t think she had, but if Seven thought so, maybe others did too—maybe He did.  Was she angry because Seven had broken protocols, by accessing the medical database and using a holoimage of a crewmen, or was she angry because she had chosen Chakotay?

“Chakotay to Janeway.”  He received no response and so the call was repeated.  “Chakotay to Janeway.”

“Janeway.”  The response, when it came, was short and sharp, he was the last person she need to speak to now.

“Captain, Are you alright?”

“Fine, Commander—did you need something, other than to inquire as to my health?”

“Actually yes, I wondered if we were still scheduled to meet this morning on shift rotations?”

“Oh, yes.”  She sounded a little contrite.  “I‘m just on my way to the holodeck.  I shouldn’t be long, I’ll meet you in half an hour.”

“Aye Captain ---Chakotay out.”  As he closed the comm. link, he wondered why she would go to the holodeck in the middle of the morning shift.  He looked up to see Harry staring at him.  “Mr. Kim.”  He crossed over to the ops station.  “How were those long range scans?”  He leaned over the station, his back to the bridge.

“Nothing new, Sir.”

“Harry, where did the Captain go this morning?”  He spoke in just above a whisper.

“Astrometrics.”  Harry whispered, giving him a knowing look.

“Thanks.”  He crossed the bridge.  “Tuvok, the bridge is yours, I need to prepare for my meeting.”  Instead of going to his office he stepped into the lift.  “Deck six.”


She was still arguing with herself, as she entered the hololab.  She was angry, really angry, she wanted to punish Seven—something she rarely wanted to do to anyone.  She had to ask herself –Why?   She punched the controls and scanned for the program.  Finding it, she entered the codes Seven had given her.

“Computer delete program Seven Uni-alpha three, authorization Janeway alpha 47 pi.”  She let out the breath she had been holding, took another.  Good, that felt better.


She scanned the database for the program, just as a precaution.  She wanted to be sure no one ever saw that program.  The computer flashed “video log of program Seven Uni-alpha three”.

“Video log—what the hell?”  She shook her head.  “Dear god, Seven, you recorded it?!   Computer delete video log of program Seven Uni-alpha three.”


“Denied?! Computer who authorized that denial?”


“Computer override authorization Chakotay 4 72 beta and play video log Seven Uni- alpha three, authorization Janeway alpha 47 pi.”

The view screen lit up, she stood staring at the beautiful young woman and her stomach churned.  As the log continued to play, she didn’t really want to watch it, but she couldn’t turn it off.  She started at him—them, playing out Seven’s fantasies, on the screen.  It wasn’t him, she tired to tell herself, but he had seen this and saved it—protected it with his authorization code.  Her hands gripped the sides of the console, her heart pounded and her vision was becoming blurred, but she couldn’t find her voice to make it stop.

Entering the lab, he saw her standing there, gripping the console, the video playing in front of her.
She appeared stiff, her knuckles white and then her shoulders shook, just slightly –but enough for him to notice.

“Computer end program.”  He stepped closer.  “Kathryn.”  She didn’t respond, so he took her shoulders and turned her to face him.

Tears overflowed the sad blue eyes, running freely down her cheeks.  She met his gaze, then quickly looked away.  Twisting her shoulders she tried to free herself from his grasp, he held fast.  She turned her head away, biting her lower lip, in an effort to bring back the command control, it wasn’t working.  He watched her struggle for a few minutes, even he had never seen her unable to draw upon the Captain’s control, before.  Finally he pulled her close, she didn’t struggle, just rested her head on his chest and let him hold her.

“Commander.”  She stepped back, wiping her face with her hands, squared her shoulders, but never met his eyes.  “We will discuss this matter, in my ready room, in half an hour.  She left him standing alone in the lab.


She stopped in her quarters, there was no way she could go to the bridge looking like this.  She washed her face, combed her hair, applied fresh make-up and stared at her reflection in the mirror.  She couldn’t hide from this any longer—not any more effectively than fresh make-up could hide, the all too evident fact, that she had been crying.


He returned to the bridge, Harry glanced at him but said nothing, as he took his seat.  He busied himself with a few minor reports and waited.  The time for their meeting passed with no sign of the Captain.  He was becoming concerned, but the computer told him she was in her quarters, so he waited.  It was another hour before she paged him.

“Janeway to Chakotay.”  She sounded calm and professional.

“Chakotay here, Captain.”

“Commander, I apologize for delaying our meeting.  If you haven’t eaten, perhaps we could meet over lunch.”

“Yes, Captain, that would be fine.”

‘Good, as soon as you’re free, meet me in my quarters.”

“Aye, Captain.  Chakotay out.”  He fussed with the console for a few minutes, before closing it and handing off the bridge, on his way to the lift.

It didn’t take long to travel the two decks to the senior crew quarters, not nearly long enough to prepare for whatever reception he might receive.  He stood for a moment outside her door, then rang the chime.

“Come in, Commander.”  The voice was still professional.

“Captain.”  He entered cautiously, waiting for her to set the tone.

“Have a seat, Chakotay.”  Seated in the chair, she motioned him to the couch.  “I should probably start by apologizing for my behavior this morning, as my First Officer you should not be subjected to my emotional outbursts.”  Her expression softened, with a smile.  “However, as my friend, I know you understand an occasional lapse in self control.  When I told you we would meet, I intended to start with a discussion Seven.  I have yet to find a solution to that problem and since she found it necessary to talk to me at all, I assume you were less than successful with her yourself.”

“I thought I had gotten though to her, apparently I was wrong.”  He still wasn’t sure if he was here in his capacity as first officer or as her friend.  “I’m sorry she felt it necessary to involve you in this.”

“Yes, well our meeting went anything but smoothly, but she did have some good points.”  She shifted, leaning a little forward in the chair.  “Seven accused me of, not only failing to pursue a relationship with you, but of preventing you from forming one with anyone else.  It was never my intention to do that to you, Chakotay.  I’m sorry if I’ve been an obstacle.”

“I know that, Kathryn.  You have always encouraged me to move on and even tried ordering me to on occasion.”  He chuckled.  “But its an order I can never obey and there isn’t a woman on this ship, with the possible exception of Seven, who doesn’t know that.”

“Oh, I think, you can count Seven among them, she told me today that your intentions were clear, it was mine she didn’t understand.  She accused me of being angry with her –not because of what she did but because of whom she chose.”  She moved over to sit, on the couch, beside him.  I was angry with her, or I thought I was and then when I found the log, I thought I was angry with you.”  She took his hands in hers. “In reality, I suppose I’m really angry at myself.  I thought if I didn’t acknowledge my feelings, they  wouldn’t matter, that they would somehow go away.   I was wrong.”  She took a deep breath.  “I didn’t go there to spy on anyone.  I went to delete the program and I stumbled across the log.”  She stopped and tried to blink back the tears, forming in her eyes.

“Kathryn, It wasn’t real.  That wasn’t me in that log, just some holocharacter.”

“I know that, Chakotay.  In my mind, I understand it was just a projection of light, but I’m afraid, my heart just isn’t very rational.  You could have ripped it out of my body and it wouldn’t have hurt anymore than it did, when I saw you with her.”  She reached up to touch his face, no longer trying to hold back her emotions.  “Do you still want me, Chakotay?”

“More than I could ever express, I love you, Kathryn.”  His fingers caressed her cheek, lightly brushing aside her tears.  He bent to her, his lips gently touching hers, spreading soft butterfly kisses across her face.  “What do you want, Kathryn?  Tell me what you want.”

His lips were on hers again warm and moist, sweet gentle kisses growing, slowly building in intensity.  They were mumbling into one another’s mouths, between kisses there were questions, answers, promises.  Breathlessly, she drew back, framing his face with her hands.

“You.”  She leaned in to kiss him again.  “I want you—when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see your face and.”  She spread kisses across his face,  “I want you to be the last thing I see at night.”  He could feel the words on his moist skin, as she continued caressing his face with her lips.  “I want to feel you in my arms, when you lose control.”  She returned to his mouth, tongue tracing his lips, her words breathed into his mouth.  “I want to be the one you make love to.”

“Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway”

The stern voice blared into their consciousness.  Kathryn drew back, rolled her eyes then rested her forehead on his, as she tapped her badge.

“Yes, Seven.”  She felt him chuckle.

“I require your assistance in astrometrics.”

“Seven I will be there shortly—have patience.  Janeway out.”  As she lifted her head, he was smiling at her.  “I want to put that borg out an air lock.”

“Now, Kathryn.”  He hugged her.  “You would miss her.”  He was laughing, as he stroked her back, lightly kissing her hair.

“Not at the moment.”  She moved out of his arms, but leaned in for one more kiss.  “Unfortunately, she is correct—we should be working.”

“I like this better.”  His hands rested on her hips as she stood up.

“Mmm, it does have potential—but we have a ship to run.”  She smiled, as she brushed her fingers through his hair.  “Meet me here for dinner?”

“I’ll even bring it.”

“Good.”  She stepped back and straightened her uniform.  “I may even provide dessert.”  She moved quickly toward the door.

“I’ll look forward to it.”  He followed her, stopping to kiss her one more time before the door opened.  “Oh and Kathryn..”


“Don’t hurt Seven.”

The door opened and they exited laughing.  The crewman they passed on the way to the lift smiled.  It was always good day when the command team laughed—even if he didn’t understand why.

The End.

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