Unimatrix Zero 1 His POV

Bridge consoles flash
Crewmen prepare for the mission ahead
I barely notice, my mind so focused on the woman beside me
Blood pounding as icy fear surrounds my heart
Alongside me she sits, straight and brave
A fleeting look; I will myself to smile
Too soon it comes-the call; they are waiting.
Reaching out she takes my hand, one touch, one crooked smile
The sounds of the bridge fade from my mind
She speaks but the words are not important
Her small, warm, hand rests gently in mine
Its time
Letting go is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Unimatrix Zero 1 Her POV

Around me the ship pulses
The mission ahead looms large in my mind
I hold myself straight breathing deeply to control my fears
Feeling his eyes on me, I glance to my left
His smile warms me, empowers me
The flyer is ready; the Borg await
Inside I quiver, my eyes seek his
I reach out and he grasps my hand, stilling the tremor
We speak words meant to comfort others
I draw my strength from him, from the firm, solid grasp
He will not leave me behind
Its time
Letting go is the hardest thing I have ever done


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